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Lookinf for Low-Calorie recipes


Anna Maria

I only have my started kit. I do not have any cook books. I am looking for a low-calorie recipes. I have parties that people are on Weight Watchers and they want something health and low- calorie. I have just been making the Three Cheese Pizza and A Cake.
Any other ideas or should I do what I am doing?
Does any one have or know of a low-calorie recipe so I can look for it? ;)


Gold Member
Jan 6, 2005
Here's the list of points for the season's best fall/winter 2005

Weight Watcher Points for Pampered Chef Recipes
Points are per serving. Points can be reduced by substituting "lite" or low fat ingredients.
**** these have too many calories to calculate points; not a WW friendly food.****

2005 Fall Winter Season's Best

Creamy Crab Tart 3
Savory Cheese Crostini
Olive Salas Topping 3
Pesto-Almond Topping 4
Warm Marinara Topping 3
Mediterranean Hummus Square 3
Baked Potstickers with Sweet Asian Dipping Sauce 3
Chicken Satay Spring Roll 2
Touchdown Taco Dip 4
Sizzling Coconut Shrimp Cakes 4
Italian Sausage Side-by-Side Calzones 3
Ham & Chddar Croissant Bake 4
Chicken Curry Stir-Fry Salad 6Green Chile Frittate 5
Italian Pasta Stri Fry 4
Family Size Baked Burrito 7
Fiesta Salad Turnover 9
Mole Chicken Pizza 9
Easy Artichoke Pizza 3
Velvety Chocolate Truffles 2
Molton Chocolate Skillet Brownie 8
Phylo Cheesecake Tart 6 Choolage Silk Mousse in Crisy Shells 5
Chocolate-Banana Phyllo Bundles 5
Warm Apple - Almond Pastry 7

Hope that helps! Good luck!

Anna Maria

;) Thank you for the names or the recipes and ponits. It should be very helpful