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Look at these stats !


Jul 6, 2005
I personally have not had a problem with any of my shipments. I think they have been lightning fast actualy ! very fast turn around ! I thought this was interesting though !

One Pampered Chef Lane, Addison, IL 60101-5630

from Marla Gottschalk, President and Chief Operating Officer

Good morning!

We take great pride in how quickly we ship your Kitchen Show orders once theyâ?Tre received here in the Home Office. While our policy states that Shows will be shipped within 10 business days, weâ?Tve been working diligently this past year to process and ship orders in as little as 48 hours.

While we are pleased with our improved performance, we need your help on one issue. In July, we received 30% of the monthâ?Ts total orders within the last three days, with 18% coming in on July 31. This not only affected shipments of July Shows, but also those submitted during the first week of August.

In August, we received more than 32% of the monthâ?Ts total orders within the last three days, with 20% coming in on August 31. And 40% of the orders received on August 31 required follow-up calls, mostly due to missing or inaccurate past host numbers. Iâ?Tm sure you understand that when we get 30% of our orders at the end of the month, it becomes difficult to deliver quick processing and shipment times. So, here is what I need from you.

Remind your teams how critical it is to close and submit Shows within a few days of the Show dates. This not only allows us to quickly process and ship orders, which is especially important now that customers are setting their sights on holiday shopping, but it allows you to provide great customer service. Also remind your Consultants that accurate past host numbers are necessary for us to process the Booking Benefit for past hosts. Inaccurate numbers may result in the past host not receiving the Monthly Host Special, the order being delayed and, ultimately, your commission check being delayed.

Together, we can deliver prompt order turnaround and ensure good customer service for your hosts and guests. Thanks in advance for your help.

Please feel free to share this e-mail with your downline.


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Oct 6, 2005
This is SO true!

I submitted a show 3 days ago and it's not even picking yet! I called the HO and the rep on the phone told me it's b/c we all wait til the last minute to turn our shows in for the month.


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Jan 21, 2005
DebbieJ said:
I submitted a show 3 days ago and it's not even picking yet! I called the HO and the rep on the phone told me it's b/c we all wait til the last minute to turn our shows in for the month.
That's really not fair of HO to say that about everyone. If a show is at the end of the month or if a host won't close it until payday on the last of the month or even after the next month starts - what CAN we do? I tell my hosts we need to close in3 days and usually am able to submit right away but there is always someone...

I submitted two shows this month already - on the 3rd & on the 5th (both September) and they are just sitting there. AND for the first time ever my supply order is just sitting there too! I ordered on the 3rd because I wanted the new Holiday mimi-catalogs and I am OUT OF CATALOGS! I always get my supplies in less than a week! Really disappointed! But they will fix this too!!! They love us and they are always trying to make things better for us - we just have to be patient.


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Jun 29, 2005
I placed an order on September 30th (today is Oct 7th) and it still has not shipped. I didn't wait until the last minute on purpose. I was waiting on the hostess to collect some money from some outside orders. Oh well. I will just have to call my hostess and explain. She was hoping to get her stuff by today.


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May 24, 2005
im glad im not the only one whos things havent shipped. I have a few things that havent been shipped either


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Aug 11, 2005
So it's not always like this? I am waiting for a bunch of things! My first SS plus bonus (which it doesnt' even show that it's shipped) and a show order placed on Oct 1.

UPS shows that I'll be getting everything else due to me (6 other shipments at this point), but none of it has come yet - and I qualified on 9/28.

I'm so anxious to see my new stuff, and to use it for my shows next week, I can't wait for the UPS guy!


I am sorry but will have to side with PC on this one. Have you guys seen their warehouse?? It is huge and with who knows how many consultants from around the US there are times umpteen shows a day plus with most of us turning in shows at the end to try to get it in for that month, they are probably way behind at times. I am not sure how many people work in the warehouse but we need to give these guys credit and quit worrying about getting your stuff in 5 days or less. HO office always trys to get shows out as fast as they can. I always tell my customers it will be 10-14 business days. We should be proud of how quick they get it to us.


I confused

I submitted 2 shows on the 30th - and still have not been shipped. Nothing is wrong with the orders. I called yesterday, and they said they were surprised they were not shipped, but should be any day.

I submitted 1 show on 19th, and the host recieved her shipment on the 23rd!


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May 6, 2005
It's DEFINITELY not always like this. Matter of fact, this is the slowest I've probably seen it in over a year. I think with all the new stuff-not just products-they introduced in September (new website stuff, new phone procedures, the new way the package the orders especially), they're still working out the kinks. I definitely think this will get better. So those out there who are new consultants, don't base your impressions on this because this is not typical. :)

I submitted two on the 30th, but they were shows from the 27th and 28th, so I couldn't have sped that up any faster. It says they're picking them right now. One was a show I had at my house and I leave for vacation on the 18th for a few days, so I'm hoping it gets here in plenty of time for me to get people their orders!!! :)

Ann F

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Nov 11, 2004
Maybe it's a geographical thing. Two new consultants qualified on Sept 29 and 30 and they've got most of their stuff already!


May 19, 2005
This does sound weird!!

Not to add fuel to the fire, but you all have to check this out. I just checked my submitting dates for my Sept. shows...here's when I submitted them & when the host rec'd them.
#1 Submitted on 09-26 Rec'd on 09-30
#2 Submitted on 09-27 Rec'd on 10-03
#3 Submitted on 09-29 Rec'd on 10-05
#4, 5, & 6 09-30 All shipped today (10-07).

I'm sorry for those of you who haven't rec'd. your stuff, but something is definitely wierd about the situation. I've noticed that a lot of you are closer to Illionois than myself, so the shipping situation doesn't seem right!

I do agree that shipping dept. has a lot of locating, sorting, shipping, etc. to do. I tried the product adjustment on the pc web-site to see approx. when or if my show-to-go stuff had shipped & it worked. I located my bags, and "figured" out an approx. arrival date & rec'd them just a couple of days ago. I found the instructions somewhere in this forum.