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Pampered Chef: Selling Logo Wear for sale -

  1. kcnancy

    kcnancy Member Gold Member

    20190709_203931.jpg 20190709_203942.jpg
    Long sleeve Silver Stud logo size 2X - this top looks a little washed out in the pictures it is a nice solid black. $7.00 + shipping from 66214.

    20190709_203809.jpg 20190709_203813.jpg
    Pink Cardigan, Size XL $10 + shipping from 66214.

    20190709_203702.jpg 20190709_203708.jpg
    Black with pink stud logo size L. The color in the close up pic is a more accurate reflection of the color of the shirt. $6.00 + shipping from 66214

    . 20190709_200427.jpg 20190709_200430.jpg

    White short sleeve with pink stud logo, size XL. $5.00 + shipping from 66214.
    Jul 9, 2019
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