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Locations for Open House?


Feb 23, 2005
I'm a fairly new consultant and would like to have a Open House with tons of attendees, and my place is way to small for what I'm thinking of... I want to post flyers all over town and even take out an ad in our local Pennysaver, so I would like to have it at a bigger place than my home.... but I'm clueless as to where to have it. Besides your homes, what types of places have any of you used? Which is best for keeping space rental fees as low as possible? I'm even thinking that if the fee is a bit on the high side, to find another consultant to go in on it, but not sure how that would work with 2 consultants there, unless we worked it similar to what I have read here about doing fair booths. Any ideas would be greatly appreciated. :D



Advanced Member
Feb 3, 2005
Although an open house is always a fabulous idea, it is not always as big as we would like it to be. The key to a successful open house is to treat it as if it were a show with PERSONAL INVITES. So often on an open house we just put out fliers to neighbors or evites. Although those are fine, they do not replace a personal invitation.

I'd try the open house at your place FIRST. If it is very successful, then think about something bigger later on. I'd hate for it not to be as big as you'd like and be disappointed and out of money.