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List of 100


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Jun 27, 2005
I was going to go back through my list of 100 and start to get better about making those calls. When I went to look for it, it has disappeared. I want to start a new one anyway :eek: Can anyone give me the catagories that were on there. Thanks bunches :D


Jan 6, 2006
Welcome booklet

I recommend that you order a Welcome booklet for yourself every year or so. Not only does it have the list of 100 info, but it is also a good refresher of the most current basics of our business.


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Nov 24, 2004
List of 100 - Categories

  1. Relatives
  2. Friends
  3. Neighbors
  4. Coworkers (from current or past jobs)
  5. Spouse's coworkers (from current or past jobs)
  6. People from your holiday card list
  7. Social contacts (civic groups, health club, sports)
  8. People from religious organizations
  9. Friends from school / college / university
  10. Contacts through your children (school, scouts, sports, music, baby-sitters)
  11. Friends and neighbors of your grown children
  12. Engaged Couples
  13. Newlyweds
  14. Doctors / Dentists / Professionals
  15. People from places you do business (hair salon, post office, bank, dry cleaners)
  16. People who love to cook or entertain
  17. People who dislike cooking or entertaining
  18. People who want to earn additional income (for a trip, wedding, remodeling, college tuition)
  19. Others (be creative)


Jan 13, 2006
Here's your list of 100

The list includes
5 relatives
5 friends
5 neighbors
5 colleagues from current or past job
5 spouse's colleagues-current or past
5 people from your holiday card list
5 social contacts(civic groups, healthor sports club)
5 people from religious organizations
5 friends from school, college or university
5 contacts thru your children sports, scouts, music, babysitters
5 friends and nieghbors of your grown children
5 engages couples
5 newleyweds
5 doctors, dentists, professionals
5 people from places you do business--hair salon, post office, bank, drycleaner
5 people who love to entertain or cook
5 People who dislike cooking or entertaining
5 peopole who want to earn additional income (for a trip, wedding, remodeling, college tuition)
10 others (Be creative)
Hope this helps you out. I am new to the PC. I just qualified and was happy to help another out in need.

Have a great day,
Erica Collins
[email protected] :)