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Links to website


Aug 7, 2005
Did you all see the new email saying we can only link to our website's homepage? I wonder why that happened? I usually have links to various sections on my site in my newsletter (monthly recipes, etc). I guess that won't be happening anymore.... :(


Aug 7, 2005
Email to the company

Okay...so I am really bothered by this. (Perhaps I need a hobby?) In any case, here's the email I sent to the HO. Does this make sense to anyone other than me?

I was wondering why there will be a change disabling links to our personal websites other than our homepage? I often include recipes, tips, etc in my monthly newsletter. The beginnings of these pieces are in my newsletter, with the full articles contained in the "news" portion of my site. With the new change, I will no longer be able to link to this portion of my site, if I understand correctly. I don't understand why this type of activity is in vioation of the terms of agreement. I am not adverstising on another website. I am sending monthly newsletters to my clients in hopes of providing good customer service...a goal I know TPC supports. By linking to the tips/recipes/etc page directly, the customer knows I am trying to provide added value to them. I am afraid linking only to my homepage gives the impression the only purpose of my newsletter is to try to sell them something. I hope you will reconsider your decision.

Thank you for your consideration,
Sandra Kortjohn


Legacy Member
May 6, 2005
Maybe it's because I'm not as computer-literate as some, but I don't understand why this change has been made. I don't link separate sections of my websites in anything (I really wouldn't know how to do that anyway). I'm not sure why this has become a problem. My only thought is because (as has been discussed on other threads on here before) there are some people advertising on the internet that maybe shouldn't be (if they're not at the appropriate upper level director status). I have clicked on advertising links before that go directly to the products page of a website, not the person's homepage. Maybe this is why? If someone is more familiar with computers and how this all works and has any feedback, I'd love to hear it. That way I think I'd understand the issue better. Thanks!


Veteran Member
Jun 20, 2005
The other links that is being discussed are the different pages on your website. The News, Calendar, Host Area, Product page, etc., etc. You can provide a link to the homepage which is the front page of your website or you can provide a link to a certain page, such as the News page. HO is saying that they will no longer allow you to provide clickable links to your homepage and not to your News or Product pages.

The way you do this is to copy the info in the address bar on your web browser and paste it to your newsletter. Example:

Check out my News page on my website for more info

Of course they've already put a stop to it so clicking it will only give you an error message.

This won't be allowed anymore I think because it eats up server speed by going to a specific page of a website instead of the sites homepage! With so many of us having websites if we all linked to a specific page then the websites would not as fast as they could.


Novice Member
Oct 25, 2005
links in online invitations?

I read somewhere that some consultants were having problems with the electronic invitations in Consultants Corner. Apparently, some of these have links to the "product" page -- which no longer works. It would be embarrassing to send guests an e-postcard with a dead link. I haven't used this system in a while, so I'll have to go check it out. Has anyone had problems with this?