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Let's make a deal?


Advanced Member
Oct 27, 2008
I met a lady at conference who was talking about a forum called "Let's make a deal".... anyone familiar with this? I did a search but couldn't find it.


Veteran Member
Gold Member
Nov 2, 2007
It is a yahoo group & I filled out the info they asked to join & they denied my request so I don't know what their deal is.


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Jul 23, 2008
I mentioned to some people I was talking with at Wave 2 that my Host for an upcoming show (which is tonight) wanted a "Let's Make a Deal" theme. She told her friends to dress up and bring big purses! I think it's going to be a blast. I have 4 bags with small items in them plus 3 of my business cards we will be putting behind "Door #1", "Door #2", and "Door #3". Only those who choose to book get to pick from those. One is free shipping, one is 10% off, and the other one is the Trifle Bowl (which they will receive at their show). I am also giving a prize to the wildest outfit. I'm anxious to see what happens!