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Lemon zester/scorer question


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Feb 20, 2005
How on earth do you use the 'scorer' part of the lemon zester/scorer? I totally understand the zesting part but have no clue about the scorer! I just never use that part of it but now my host (who's turning into a nightmare - no hydro, must be dessert, no peanut or nuts) has asked me to bring mine and show her how to use it!! Anyone want to come with me? LOL

Do you drag it SIDEways along the carrot for an example? Or DOWNwards? It looks in the catelog like you drag it sideways but I'm not sure! I went on CC and read the PIG but it just explains the uses, cross selling etc and not HOW to use it!

Paige Dixon

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Aug 11, 2004
Hold it like you're zesting and then turn it face up and sideways. You can drag the scorer part over something such as lemon peel and get a long strip. Then you make a joke that Martha Stewart could crochet it into an afgan.
Jun 11, 2017
Does anyone know why Pampered Chef retired the Zester/Scorer? I wanted to use it at a party and just discovered that we don't sell it anymore.