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Lava Cake Question

Oct 25, 2014
I have a question about the lava cake recipe. I have made it in both the deep covered baker and the Dutch oven Rockcrok. Do you think that it's possible to make it in the everyday Rockcrok? I'm concerned about it bubbling over and was wondering if anyone has tried it? Thanks!


Feb 20, 2015
I think I should maybe move to a more expensive vessel, I have always done mine in the Rice Cooker Plus. I sell several at every show, but maybe I should be focusing on selling something more expensive. Then again, main meal is generally a RC or the DCB
Mar 3, 2015
I make mine in the DCB and it seems to do very well selling it. I also explain the whole cooking an entire roaster chicken in the microwave in 30 minutes, too. I don't think I've ever demoed the Rice Cooker Plus but I bring it with me to shows so people can see it.