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Pampered Chef: Lap boards

  1. Does anyone have the old style lap boards that they want to sell???
  2. micocina

    micocina Member Gold Member

    Lapboards for sale!

    It's funny that you should ask, because I DO have 11 of the old lapboards. I actually bought them a few months ago from a retired consultant. They are in pretty good shape, but I never used them myself. I myself might be quiting, so if you are interested I will look for the PayPal receipt and will let you know how much I paid for them.
    Mar 1, 2006
  3. are they the black ones that hold a flier on the back??? Thanks so much
  4. noellewilliams

    noellewilliams Member

    I have 17 or 18 of the black ones with the holder for the flyer on back - Also I have 6 of the really old ones that are cranberry with the hen on them - they are brand new and a director who quit gave them to me.

    Noelle Williams
  5. cwcollins

    cwcollins Novice Member

    If there are some of the black ones left - I would love them, I live in AR 72076 - what are you asking for them?

    Mar 9, 2006
  6. pampereinglady

    I wanted yours!!!! i sent you a pm with my zip code 62035
  7. Pampered Amber

    Pampered Amber Novice Member

    My director gave me a good, inexpensive tip for lapboards. Use the Celebrations Folders. If you cut each one into 3, you got 3 lapboards. It has a pocket for everything and if you have the older ones most of the guests will have different recipes pictured on the back. Just a thought
  8. queenjean

    queenjean Member

    Make your own!!

    I buy the 1 inch view binders, the ones with the clear pockets on front and back. Then I use an exacto knife of good scissors and carefully cut the ring section off. You have to do it slowly because if you cut too close to the edge then you get a hole. I buy the binders at Office Max for about $1.99 each. So that comes out to $1 per lapboard.
    Mar 10, 2006
  9. noellewilliams

    noellewilliams Member


    Sorry I sold all 18 to the first girl who emailed me - but I do still have the cranberry ones, 7 of them, that are brand new and fold out with two pockets for catalogs and a small clear pocket for your business card if anyone is interested.
  10. how much do u want for those??
  11. noellewilliams

    noellewilliams Member

    old lapboards

    $7 plus shipping
  12. please figure out total with s/h to zip 62035
  13. noellewilliams

    noellewilliams Member

    old lapboards

    sorry i am not replying directly to you, but my outlook deleted all messages sitting in my inbox since march 4th and i did not have your personal email address. I finally went to the post office today (sorry i have two kids under 4 and dont get there unless it is by myself) and to send them priority it is $7.45 and the only other way is parcel which is 4 - 5 days and is $6.63 - Like I said they are brand new, never been used and I would be happy to part with them for $7 plus shipping - Just let me know - I accept paypal at [email protected]- thanks!
  14. ill take them
  15. $$ sent via pay pal
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