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lap board

Apr 4, 2011
hi i am looking for lap boards or at least where to get them. I had a pile of them but now they have seemed to have dwindled. I originally brought them from someone here who was selling admin stuff a loooong time ago.

I have added a picture of what the one i have looks like.

thanks to anyone who have info or can sell me a few :)


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Jan 19, 2006
Sadly, the company I used to purchase mine through, Express Yourself, seems to have gone out of business. When I Googled lapboards, I didn't' have any luck and Drive Marketing doesn't carry them either. Please let us know if you find a source.

Denise K

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Jul 25, 2016
I just thought of a substitute! If you can buy 3 rind binders inexpensively enough, and are careful to cut off the spine with the rings... you might be able to use the front and back covers as lapboards, as they are sturdy and typically each have a pocket!


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Sep 8, 2008
The binders are what I had done, back in the day. With back-to-school season here, you can find some cheap deals too. Just be careful when you cut the binder back/fronts off that you don't slice into the covering and expose the cardboard on the part you are KEEPING.

I always got binders that had the plastic "pocket" on the outside, so I could put flyers inside- maybe the monthly special or whatever sale/promo I wanted to promote. And then of course a pocket (or pockets) inside for tucking the order form, etc.

You can easily add your own label/sticker to them. Definitely a cheap option and if you are careful when cutting, they do not look tacky.


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Jul 7, 2005
I have some -they are REALLY heavy and have old PC logo on them. How many do you want? I'd sell them for cheap, like $3.50 each, plus postage. What's your zip? PS I'm unsure when I can get these together and honestly, unsure just where they are but I know I have them.