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Label Ideas


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Apr 14, 2004
use the 8160 or 5160 Avery labels to do the invite lables for my hosts.
I do this mainly because I use a program called Print Shop to create my labels so I can add my personal "logo" of a little Italian Chef characature on one label.

I use the 8 pitch font and I have never gotten any complaints as to the size.

Label One: I put my logo on the left hand side of the label then fill in with something a little less "stiff" like:
"Join Mary on Saturday, March 20th, 1:00 p.m. for an "It's a Wrap" Party.
Come to 1234 N. 40th St. in Milwaukee"

I always, always, always use the host name. You can imagine how many times I hear:
"Oh my, you really must take your job seriously. You made custome invites for me."
Talk about getting a host hyped.
And by adding the type of party, it peaks interest. Remember that words sell products and interest.

Odviously you would space it out to fit the text area of the label.

Label Two: Is the R.S.V.P. label:

"Please call Mary at (444)444-4444 by March 17th so we know how much food to prepare. We don't want any one to miss out!"

These two labels go on the left hand side of the invite over the time and other info preprinted on the invite.

Label Three: This is important as it has actually increased outside orders and interest in bookings.
"If you can't make, place an order or Book a Show. Either will help Mary to her goal!"

I place this one at the bottom of the right hand side of the invite just under the address area. My hosts assured me that they do not need to add extra postage for the extra weight. At least so far that has been the case.

Just a little soemthing else that helps me.
A formal invite for the Dip and Sip would be more appropriate but for a simple afternoon get together, make your invite more inviting and less "stiff". It sure works for me.
John W.