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Knowledge about the biz?


Jan 31, 2005
I am feeling alittle down on things right now - I am still considered a newbie (SSM3) and am still getting the hang of how the business works, etc. Well I have one recruit and another one signing up in August. They call often with questions - which I don't mind at all really. Some questions I can answer off the bat, but then there are some that I can't really answer with full confidence or have no idea at all what to say. So there are times when I have to "get back to them". In a way, I feel this is making me look "unprofessional". They know this is my 3rd month, but I still feel like I SHOULD know most of this stuff by now. Has anyone else felt like this??


First of all, congratulations on the recruit(s)! I'm also in SS3 and have
no recruits. My director has been in the business for 12 years and there
are times that she needs to get back to me with an answer. Don't feel
bad at all. I don't think anything of it. She is very successful and she
does know a lot about PC but I've stumped her a couple of times.

Jun 7, 2005
You are being professional, by admitting you don't have the answer and you will get back to them. Isn't that better than giving an incorrect answer.


Legacy Member
May 6, 2005
That is amazing that you almost have two recruits and you're only in your third month! I wish I focused more on recruiting at the beginning of my business. You are doing the best thing for you and your business by doing that. LIke previous posts have said, there are long-time consultants who still need to research an answer. My director, who's been doing it 6 years, sometimes doesn't know the exact answer about things, but she always follows through and gets it for me.

You probably won't see the results of your efforts in terms of recruiting right away, but it is so neat to be able to build your own team. One way to look at is you're probably learning even more because you need to research an answer for them about things that you normally wouldn't have had to. Does that make sense? You're needing to find out information sooner in your business rather than later. I think it'll make you a much better recruiter, too! Super Starters are the best walking advertisement for those curious about the consultant opportunity. Way to go!!


Jan 31, 2005
Thank you!!

Thank you all so much....everything you all mentioned really does make alot of sense! I have just had a rough weekend and then this month (in terms of sales) hasn't been what I had in mind so I feel like I am in a slump. And I really am learning more in terms of having to go out and find the answer. I guess we won't ever know it all unless we were the ones making the rules and policies! :rolleyes: And I hope these recruits are learning that as well by watching me!! HAHA!!


Jun 18, 2005
You post reminded me of a discussion we had in one of my classes a few months ago (I'm working on my BS in Accounting--graduate in October!)

Anyway, the instructor asked "You're CFO of Pretend Co. The CEO comes to you and asks a question that you don't know the answer to. What do you do?"

Most of the people in the class said they'd try to answer him off the top of their head, or they'd find some way to give him an answer right then. I said, I would tell him I didn't know and that I'd get back to him later.

One guy in the class told me that this was very unprofessional and that this kind of "attitude", showing people "weakness" by admitting you don't know something, will keep me from getting a job (!!)

The instructor said, that is completely untrue. Just about everyone would prefer a well thought out, correct answer later, as opposed to a made up, incorrect answer now.

And he's right. By getting back to your recruits later, you are showing them that you are taking the time and putting in the effort required to give them the best help you can. I am sure they greatly appreciate that.