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Urgent Kit sent to the wrong address!! Now what?


Advanced Member
Jan 7, 2007
A little background. New consultant signs just as she's about to head to Cincinnati for 1 month (she's a teacher), so she signs up and gives shipping address in Cincy (she's got 4 shows booked while she's there).

She just called me...her kit has arrived...at home in North Carolina!!!! I just gave her the solution center #, but wanted to find out if this has happened to anyone else and how it was resolved. Will HO pick it up and re-ship to Cincy?



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Jun 27, 2007
Sorry to tell you, but had a similar situation with one of my recruits. They will pick up the kit. Mine was a circus that seemed to never end! The 2nd kit that was to go to her Mom's out of town, went to her house again. Then they told her it would be overnighted to her Moms after that and it (3rd kit) still didn't show. She called again & was told FedEx wouldn't deliver it on a Sat. to such a remote location--she lives in a town of 10,000+. She ended up driving 2 hrs. one way from her Mom's to her aunts house (no where near where either she or her Mom lives) b/c that was the only place FedEx would take it on the Sat.--when she had her show. Drove 2 hrs. back to her Mom's and did the show. She had been waiting over 2 wks to get the kit. Then HO had promised her a "sorry" gift and that took over 1 month to get shipped out. It was the biggest headache and very imbarassing to happen to a new recruit. She almost quit over the whole thing. I've recruited 9 and she's the best in sales out of all of them---glad she stuck it out. I personally gave her a grinder/seasoning as a sorry for the entire mess--which of course was out of my hands.

My advise, stay on top of it. We even had to get my Exec. involved.