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Kind of Sad


Apr 7, 2006
I am really really trying, but I am not doing so well with this Pampered Chef stuff! I changed my super starter month 1 to May, I signed up in FEBUARY with April as my first month. You would think I would have qualified by now! Bu, no I haven't. I possibly will today if my catalog show closes. I am so bummed. My mom tells me that no one like Pampered Chef, but she is a very discouraging person anyway, so I didn't take it too hard. But I had a nother friend today tell me that Pampered Chef was so 4 years ago. How do pots and pans go out of style? How can kitchenware be so 4 years ago? Don't people need nice kitchen supplies? I am so discouraged right now. My husband says to think of it as a hobby and not too worry so much that I have spent more than I have made. But I am still bummed.
Mar 2, 2006
I am sorry to hear that you are having a hard time. Please don't give up.. Do you have a director close by that can help you. PC is not "so four years ago" your friend aparently doesn't know anything about PC. Sorry to be blunt. But everyone I know, LOVES PC. I meet people just because I carry the catalog tote EVERYWHERE I go. Don't give up. It can be so discouraging I know, but when you do get started really good, they won't be able to stop you. Talk to your director, if they aren't closeby then get a hospitality director. Someone to help you and give you some support. Hang flyers up everywhere. There are alot of great flyers on here that I have changed to fit me. Good Luck!! Oh, BTW, my husband knows that I have spent more than I have made so far, but hopefully that will change soon.


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Feb 2, 2006
It takes money to make money, my friend! And, that's what I told my husband. Keep your chin up - it will all fall together. There is so much support on this site, it's hard not to succeed.

Good Luck.


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Apr 10, 2006

Don't give up! I was having a hard time at first too. I've only been doing this since November and it wasn't until early March until things started picking up. Have you tried setting up at any craft fairs and offering a free (you supply the food) cooking show drawing? That's actually how I got my first few shows.

Best Wishes,
Allentown, PA
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Hi Jessica,

I just want to encourage you to keep on telling EVERYONE you know that you are a PC consultant. You won't believe how many people will ask YOU to do a show!

It takes a while to get going, but there seems to be a tipping point and once you reach it, you will be fine. Just keep talking. (And ignoring your negative relatives, LOL) (Why in the world would people say things like that, I wonder?)



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Apr 3, 2006
I just got qualified after my first month but now my second month is very hard. I only have one scheduled and my other contacts will not return my calls. So keep your chin up. And as for your family and friends having a negative attitude, they are just jealous because you are trying to start your own business and have they ever tried? Keep smiling