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Kids cooking class ideas?


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Sep 7, 2005
I have read thread about kids cooking shows and did a mommy and me before but I am interested in trying this type of "Pre register cooking class" with kids 5 and under. My daugther has a class of 30+ kids and think it could be fun and full of potential! But I have ???

1. What types of products would you recommend be on the "pre ordering" list before the show? like the cookbook, chefs hat and apron set, kids cookie cutting set, or small batter bowl or prep bowls or what else?

2.Do you pay for the ingredients or have that incl. with the pre-paid part? Are there recipes in the kids cookbook that would list tools needed? Or what recipes would you recommend?

Thanks for any help!

Chef Diane

Feb 28, 2006
re: kids cooking classes

Hi Heather,

Yes the cookbook has tools listed in the cookbook. The recipes look like the ones in all the other PC cookbooks. The recipes are easy and fun for kids. They show pictures of what tools are needed also. On pages 9 & 10 are a list of all the "helpful tools"

1. kids cutters
2. sm nylon turner
3. kitchen shears
4. my safe cutter
5. classic batter bowl
6. measuring cups
7. baker's roller
8. oven mitt (discontinued this season)
9. all-pupose spreader
10. food chopper
11. crinkle cutter
12. ice cream dipper
13. deluxe cheese grater
14. bamboo spoon
15. stainless steel scoops
16. egg slicer plus
17. stainless steel whisk
18. classic scraper

as for stones they use:
mini baker
small bar pan
square baker
classic round stone
rectangular stone

they also mention in some recipes the chillzanne(R) collander and bowls, the cutting board and the garlic press.

That's a lot of tools to choose from. If you don't have the book I'd get it. Its perfect for little ones. The only kid friendly cookbook I've seen. Bright pictures and kid appealing meals.

I hope this was helpful.
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Sep 7, 2005
thank you!

I will get the book during Kit enhancement! Along with the rest of the recipe book collections! I will look through it to give me some ideas!