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Kid Show

Jul 27, 2005
:eek: My kids and I want to host a kid show at our house, I know there were a lot of threads about kid show, but I have no idea where to start. How many kids should I invite, how can I have all the kids participate in the same time. I can probably borrow the kid set from my director, then what about the other kids. I want this show to be a fun show for the kids and their parents. I don't want people/children to be bored. I'm also hoping that it will generate a lot of sales (Am I aiming too high?!)
HELP!!!!! :confused:


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Sep 7, 2005
In the same boat

I think I may try a mommy and me show at the end of the month. I am inviting 40 kids with their parent so I don't know what to expect as far as turn out? The majority of them I don't know at all (inviting all my daughters class mates) and a couple friends with their kids. So it could be a huge hit and miss or unexpected hi turn out?? ONe just never knows? My recruiter says there's probably no time to do a demo so steal a few min. before you start and go over PC intro. hand out folders, talk about specials etc breifly then begin. I am nervous at how chaotic it will be with almost all 3 years olds loose in my kitchen but hopefully moms participate and keep it under control. On top of this being my first kitchen show ever! So I will hope for the best and pray for the worst! Good luck with yours! ;)

Chef Jill

Mar 6, 2005
Kid shows can be VERY hectic! I did one over the summer for a MOMs club. Children ranged in age from 3-5. There were 12 children (10 participating) and 10 moms. We made tic tac toe pizzas and did a sundae bar for dessert. The moms helped the kids prepare the pizzas (for the most part). By the time the pizzas came out and the kids ate, it was nap time. I ended up walking out with 2 completed orders and a bunch of moms who said, "It's just too crazy to look through this now. I'll take it home and give you a call..." You know how that goes. It ended up being a $500 show because one woman placed an order for $200, but it was definitely a lot more work than a regular kitchen show. I found it difficult to talk about the products and keep moms attention because the kids needed it. Good luck!
Let us know how it goes!