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Keep Sales up in Summer


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Jul 31, 2005
My director just sent this around and I wanted to share it:

Who Will You Be This Summer?

Read this very carefully. What you decide will not only affect your summer business but will have a HUGE impact on your fall (potentially best) selling season as well.

Summer Sally has three small children. She has been a Pampered Chef consultant for about 2 years and really loves it. But this summer, with the children involved in so many activities, Sally decided to take the summer off. She decided she would do one show at the end of May, turn it in in June, and take July and August off. To keep from going inactive and losing her career sales, 2% raise, and Future Director status, Sally wisely made sure she had a catalog show going so she would have $200 to turn in at the end of August. Sally really enjoyed her summer! She went to every ball game the kids had, took small day trips and weekend excursions, joined the local pool, got a great tan, worked around her house and spent every waking minute with the kids. What a great time they had. Sally was having so much fun; she forgot to send the catalogs to her catalog show host. By the time she remembered, the host was gone on her own family vacation. There was not time to make the catalog show count for August. Sally was in a panic. She got on the phone and put some orders together just in time to stay active, but found that no one from her shows 3 months earlier still wanted to do their shows. In fact, some had already had a show with another consultant because it had been so long. Now Sally had to work three times as hard at the end of the summer to get fall together, and she was missing some of the kids back to school activities. This just was not very fun. It was like starting all over again. Sally decided next summer would be very different.

Planning Patty also had three small children and looked forward to spending some extra time with the kids this summer. First she looked at her calendar and marked off all the days that she really couldn’t work. She made it a priority to attend 3 of every 4 ball games the kids had. On the rare occasion she and her husband missed a game, Patty found that the kids liked it when the sitter or grandparents could take them and watch them play. Next she planned one day trip each week, then she marked off several weekends where the entire family could “get away” or just do things around town. Patty’s next step was to work on her Pampered Chef calendar. She made it a goal to do 6 shows every month. She knew that to accomplish this, she would need to book 8 or 9 because of summer cancellations. She shared her plan at her shows on how she was going to enjoy her summer with her kids while working her own schedule. The money she was earning was paying for the weekend trips and special activities the kids were enjoying. She let them know how many nights she planned to work and that she only had a few dates left for whatever month she was booking. By sharing her story, Patty made other moms realize what a great job she had and Patty added two people to her team by the end of August. With 6 shows each month through the summer, Patty had a stack of leads for fall shows. She was ready to increase her show schedule and looked forward to paying for Christmas with cash!



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Jun 20, 2005
I am certainly going to do EVERYTHING in my power to be Planning Patty and not Summer Sally.


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Feb 19, 2006
Thanks for the post. It's a reminder for all of us.


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Feb 15, 2006
Thanks for this! I love little 'stories' like this. They're a fun way to put things in a fun perspective. It's easy to fall into a slump, and hard to get out of it! The June sell a thon is my motivation to get my summer off to a bang:)