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Pampered Chef: Kathy Lee Friedman Introduction

  1. Hi Everyone,
    I joined PC on March 17th and my sponsor is Tracy Penick from Cooper City, FL. I live in West Palm, but we met at a fund raiser. We immediately hit it off,and she asked if I would like to host a show. I am newly retired from private practice as an eating disorder therapist after 25 years, and I have tried several companies but never was excited about any of them. When COVID-19 hit shortly after I joined, it gave me the perfect platform to do what I wanted, to teach people how to cook, and make it fun and easy. I am also an avid baker. I also wanted a business that I can do virtually any where, because we hope to leave south Florida and move to Breckenridge, Colorado when this mess is over with. I am a high altitude skier, and I have had enough of the heat and fear of losing my house to a hurricane.
    I love PC because of the integrity, quality of the products, quality training's, and the friendships being made. I look forward to becoming a Director, and perhaps a leader in the future.
    I am doing all virtual parties of course, and creating demo's of "what is in your pantry, plus making things stretch". What I mean is making homemade tomato sauce and adding ground beef to some, making some a marinara sauce; so you can freeze it and make many different pasta dishes. I will be sharing them in lives.
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    Virtual parties and online demos can be a very great tool....especially now with everyone stuck at home more. I know I love watching my sister-in-law's demos and those are what convinced me to book a show to get the Air Fryer. :) keep it up!
    May 4, 2020
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