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Just wanted to share...


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Feb 17, 2006
I decided to go run errands this morning and I had several places to shop so, like a good consultant I donned my TPC shirt and off I went with my 2 yo twins in tow! 2nd place I stopped was Target, I go to checkout and the lady who rang me out asked "Is there a Pampered Chef convention somewhere nearby today?" I told her no and asked why, she said that I was the 3rd person in today (it was only 10am) with Pampered Chef wear. I let her know that even though there wasn't a TPC convention here today that there is a convention in Chicago in July and she can go with me if she wants. She says "Don't I have to be a consultant to go"...I told her that yes in fact she would have to be a consultant and that going to Chicago for convention is only one of the fun things to do with TPC. As she seemed hesitant I gave her my card and let her know that she could call me if she decided she wanted to go to Chicago this summer!

This was a banner moment for me as I am hesitant to promote recruiting outside of shows!


Way to go!

It's hard to step out of our comfort zones but when we do it can be so rewarding! Even if nothing comes of it you know that you CAN do it. Of course I'm hoping she decides to join your team and come to conference this year.


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Oct 22, 2005
shop again

Make sure you shop again at the same time/day and see if you can "follow up" with her. Once you know her name and talk to her a few times, she might be more interested in talking to you for real....BEE