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Just wanted to share my good news!

Gina M

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Jan 13, 2006
Hi everyone,

I recently had a show at my sister's and one of the guests (my brother's girlfriend) became quite interested when I discussed the wedding showers. Her sister is getting married in December and she thought this was a fun idea. So, I met with her and her sister and showed her all the great products and explained the program - and her sister loved it!! She decided she definitely wants to do a wedding shower in the fall. Her sister didn't know whether she would go for it - but luckily she did - this will be my official first wedding shower and I'm quite psyched! So it definitely pays to discuss this at your shows - you just never know who might be interested!:)

Gina Miller


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Apr 11, 2005
Congrats Gina - that's awesome!!
I am (and I know this will sound odd) frightened to get a bridal shower booking - I actually shy away from them. In case you can't tell from my other posts...I am a creature of habit, I don't do well with "change" and doing a bridal shower is "new" to me so that freaks me out a bit. I can't wait to hear how awesome it turns out for you - maybe that'll be the kick I need to get me out of my cmofort zone!!!


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May 18, 2005
Congrats, Gina! There are some awesome threads about wedding showers on this site, so I'm sure you'll pick up some good ideas.

Hope it's a great one!!



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Feb 15, 2006
Wedding showers are so fun! At my first one I was very nervous. But it's such a great opportunity not only for the bride & groom to be, but also for the consultant as well. They get their kitchens stocked up, and we end up with great sales!
Congratulations & have fun!


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Dec 1, 2005
Bridal showers usually have tons of people there, no better way to get your name out to so many people at once!! Great job!