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Just totally confused...

Jan 29, 2006
Sooo...I have my very first Bridal Show coming up next month and am just so confused as to where to even begin!! First of all, it's for my brother and his fiance so not only am I the consultant but I'm the maid of honor as well--her mother is holding the show, but is expecting me to foot the cost of a LOT of the expenses (not sure where she thinks I'm growing my money tree, but whatever, there's a whole other yucky side to this whole story but that's for another day, lol.)

I've gathered from this site (totally don't know what I'd do without this site, eek!) that I am to take the items from her registry and put them onto index cards (or something similar) and display them. Then the people choose what they want to purchase for the couple when they do their order.

I have quite a few questions and would SO appreciate if someone could answer them for me.

1) As far as the demo goes, what in the world can I make for 40+ people? I've never had a show that big! Not to mention the fact that they are having other food there. Should I even do a demo? I don't know if I can hold that many people's attention (the shower is being held in a very large place).

2) The mother wants to order 50 or so quick cut paring knives to give away as party favors--I know that I can order them as a paperwork/supply order, but is this okay? I mean, it just seems weird to me? And if so, do I charge her the normal price for them or do I just have her pay me what they cost me?

3) Since I am the maid of honor, am I entitled to buy a gift for them/present them with a gift also, or is the cost of the shower and all that I will be doing in preparation for the shower enough? I have never in my life been a maid of honor (nor a bridesmaid for that matter!) so I have no clue how all this stuff is done!

4) Do I pick the games or do I leave that up to the mother of the bride?

5) When the guest brings me their order--how do I separate what goes to the bride, what is for the guest? Do I put it all on one order and when the order comes in, I'll have a record of what they had bought for the couple? Would it be easier to have the entire show shipped to my house so that I can make sure things are distributed correctly?

I think I'm just over-thinking this whole thing but I don't want to mess this show up since it is family. Can someone please fill me in? :confused:


Dec 14, 2005
Breathe...you can do it! A bridal shower was my 3rd show and this site got me through it. There were 40+ people and $1400+ in sales.

First I set it up on my website, listing all the items in my news section and having out of towners enter the sister's name as host. As people made orders I editted my news to take that item(s) off. By the time the shower day arrived, I had all the remaning items on cards (wishing I had not made the cards til the day before because half of it was bought by people not attending the shower.)

I made 2 taffy apple pizzas and a touchdown taco dip that I trippled the recipe. I ordered 50 Seasons' Best Cookbooks as favors (from supply order to save them $) and they paid for everything. They personalized each book and tied it with a ribbon.

I printed off some games from this site and gave them to the host in her packet but left it up to her to do them. She and I felt that my responsibility was selling and a quick demo, not to be the entertainment staff for 40+ people. The shower ended in 2 hours and was very nice.

Now of course we have the new regisrty, so you could set up a registry for her for the items no one bought. There was nothing left on her list, and plus she got $215 in free product. Lucky sis got to sort the 12 boxes that the brown truck brought!


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Feb 17, 2006
I would double the Mandarin Pasta Salad for the demo, just do a lot of prep work!

I wouldn't give Quick-Cut pairing knives as gifts as it's bad luck in my neck of the woods and I wouldn't want bad luck at a bridal shower. I would do the Bamboo Spoons.

I would give a gift at the shower as well as at the wedding...but, the great thing is that you can get it for a discount since you know how to work the system.

If it were me I would discuss the game choices with the MOB and let her choose from some games you feel comfortable with.

As far as the ordering goes, I would use the write-ins and have the guests do one receipts for the bride and one for themselves but when you put it in PP you put it all in one order that way the guest only pays shipping once but both have hard copies that only pertain to what they are getting.

It's good to overthink things now, that way when the shower comes around you are prepared! Just breath and everything will work out!


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Nov 3, 2005
Don't stress!!!

I have attached the bridal order form. I used it at my last shower and it worked wonders!

The Mandarin pasta Salad is good, but I wouldn't demo it. I would do the garlic pull apart brds, the demo is quick and while you are playing games the bread will be cooking!

I like when I do the games, it's easier on me. I would have the MIL supply the gifts for the game though if you are footing the food bill.

Now for the gift, I would order the apron and have everyone sign it. Use a jumbo twixit clip with ribbon for the veil, and I make a small boquet out of tools with ribbon and that would be my gift.

I also put the wish list on my webpage under news, and make sure it shows up on the homepage!

I hope this helps if you have anymore questions don't hesitate to email me!


  • PC June Bridal Order Form Word.doc
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Jan 29, 2006
Thanks so much ladies!!

I spoke to the MOB this morning and she doesn't want me to do a demo, she just wants me to do a fruit display using my SA stuff. I told her that I'd find some games and help her do them, and work with her on the party favors (love the idea of the SB, hoping she'll go with that instead of the QC knife). I didn't find the bamboo spoons on the supply order? I found the bamboo tongs but not the spoons...

Anyway, I *think* I've got a better handle on it this morning. At least I'm headed in the right direction, I think! Thanks again!!