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Just Started Pampered Chef

Dec 16, 2004
I just started pampered chef and have no booking as of yet, am very excited about doing this. I am looking for hosts to fill my calender up with. Anyone have any special way of booking shows or anything unique i could use to start my business off right? Looking for good tips!!!
Thanks, Tinadale​


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Apr 14, 2004
Check with your Pampered Chef director, they should have all sorts of great ideas for you.


Jun 20, 2004

Congratulations on starting your new business :) You picked a wonderful time to start! If you tell everyone on your list of 100 in the Welcome book (and anyone else you meet) about next month's ABSOLUTELY FANTASTIC double host points, your calendar should fill up fast!

Nancy's Artwork has some postcards that you can fill out to tell family and friends about your new venture. Or you can buy blank postcards at any office supply and make your own. If you signed up for a website, be sure to send the link to everyone you know, too.

I have seen some cool signatures at the end of some of the posts on this site. Add something special about being a consultant to yours, and that might pique somebody's interest, too.

One last thing: check the archives of this site. There's a whole lot of good ideas here ;)

Have fun!!
Dec 13, 2004
I am new also. I have several shows booked in February, but really wanted to take advantage of the triple points I will get in January. So, I have booked 2 catalog show and I decided to throw an "open house" in my neighborhood. I will be distributing flyers tomorrow. In conjunction, I emailed a ton of people and let them know about the open house. Hopefully I'll have some people show up and it will result in bookings.