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Pampered Chef: Urgent Just shattered glass!!

  1. WLMcCoy

    WLMcCoy Advanced Member

    I just shattered my bottle of Spicy Pinapple Sauce!! Luckily, I had just put my 18 month old down for a nap. I swept up the glass & vacuumed around the area, but I keep stepping on TINY pieces. Does anyone have any tricks to getting glass of the floor before my daughter wakes up & gets cut!!
    Apr 10, 2009
  2. Ginger428

    Ginger428 Legacy Member Gold Member

    Something I have done in the past, is use something wet. Like some wet paper towels or a swifter. It should pick it up better than dry...HTH
    Apr 10, 2009
  3. kcjodih

    kcjodih Legacy Member Gold Member

    I've always been told a wet cotton ball, q tip or swiffer (depending on amount of glass). Like Ginger said though, make sure it's wet! Good luck
    Apr 10, 2009
  4. Jules711

    Jules711 Veteran Member Silver Member

    microfiber towel
    Apr 10, 2009
  5. Teresa Lynn

    Teresa Lynn Legacy Member Gold Member

    I use an old sock that can be thrown away
    get it wet and then wipe the area
    Apr 10, 2009
  6. babywings76

    babywings76 Legend Member Gold Member

    Swiffer, then wet paper towels on the swiffer head over the area again.
    Apr 10, 2009
  7. raebates

    raebates Legend Member Staff Member

    Wipe the area with a fresh piece of bread.
    Last edited: Apr 10, 2009
    Apr 10, 2009
  8. WLMcCoy

    WLMcCoy Advanced Member

    Thank you all so much! I wiped it w/ a wet paper towel, then used my Swiffer Wet Jet & just to be safe, tried the piece of bread! It's been a few hours & no one has "found" a piece yet! YAH!!

    Thanks again!!
    Apr 10, 2009
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