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Just Rec'd My Kit!!!

Aug 19, 2005
I am so excited to get started!!! I have a couple of questions...

1. How do you order the authentic PC business cards?
2. What is the Recruiting Album Binder and the recruiting album inserts?
3. What do the licensed vendors (Visual Impact Products, Nancy's Artworks, Town & Country) sell?

Thanks in advance,

Can't Wait to Get Cookin' (both literally and figuratively)


Jul 6, 2005
Welcome !

The vendors sell us t shirts, post cards ect. Town & country is where you can get your buisness cards from, they have a great package deal , with a stamp , ink , name tag and i think 500 buisness cards in it.One tip really decide if you are going to get a web site first before you place your order. I wasnt sure so i just had everything made up, well now i went ahead with the web site , and have to print out labels to go on everything !
Iam not sure about the recruiting binder , When i got my kit it didnt come with that , I think it came when i placed my order on that yellow sheet of supplys , that comes in your kit. That is a good deal i suggest ordering that as well !! Good luck !! :)


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Nov 24, 2004
The recruiting binder and inserts can be purchased on your "Paperwork Supply" Order form. There should have been one of these forms in your kit (black & white sheet of paper front & back).


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Oct 11, 2005
Welcome To Pc

Congratulations!!!! yes wait until you have the website to order anything. that's what I did. Also, I don't have my email on my labels or cards, just the website and my other info. I just figured people can go to the website and contact me through that because my email has changed here and there and I don't want to have to cross out those gorgeous cards~


Oct 3, 2005
If you purchase the supply booster (the yellow paper) that came with your kit, the recruiting album and inserts come with it.