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Just need some encouragement


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Jun 27, 2005
I am writing to vent or throw a pity party or whatever you choose to call it. I am really struggling lately with the sales at my shows. I have not been having very many bookings since October, but I have just chalked it up to being a holiday thing that people in my area aren't wanting to do shows lately. My problem is with the very few shows I have been having are barely qualifying and most of them are only making it when I put in a order myself to boost them over the $150 mark. I feel like I am doing a okay job with host coaching (as much as I can without them getting sick of me), so I don't really know what else to do. I was really looking forward to earning the spring bonuses, but I now realize that is not going to happen. I don't know what to say to hostesses when I check on their progress a few days before closing (all of my Dec shows have been catalog) and they are excited to tell me that they have $70 in orders. I don't want to seem like I am disappointed, but inside I want to encourage them without coming off pushy. I try to tell them that they need $150 to close their show, but most of them just don't seem to care.
Any advice? I am almost to the point of trying out January and then just keeping active. My husband says I am putting in way too much work for no more than I am getting out of it. I enjoy meeting new people and doing my job, but it seems like the stress is not getting better, just worse. Is this just a slump or am I doing something wrong?
Thanks for listening

Sooner PC

Sep 30, 2005
Don't give up

:) This is my 2nd go around with PC and I completly understand where you are at. I struggled on my first try and gave up. I was new in town and didn't put much effort into making my business grow. I also had a lousy director.

This time is different and I think it is due to the leadership. My director is behind me 100%. She is encouraging and is willing to help everyone in her cluster that is struggling. Have you talked to her?? Maybe she can give you some pointers.

I can't imagine anyone not wanting to book a show in January. The hostess rewards are incredible. That is what I have been pushing and I have 12 shows booked. Once they realize that it is really to their benefit to book, they sign right up.

Don't give up - you can do it and it will be worth it.

Boomer Sooner
Shannon Overstreet


Apr 22, 2005
I hope that you can find comfort in not being alone, because I have definitely been there!

I think that catalog shows are difficult to have high sales, anyway. Are you encouraging your host to share the guest special? You could also entice your catalog hosts that if they reach $300 or $500 in sales that you will convert it to a Kitchen Show for higher benefits. I use postcards for kitchen shows and have created postcards for my catalog shows so that they can keep PC on their mind. Maybe you could even meet with your catalog hosts in person to go over the benefits so that there's some personal contact. Setting goals with your host can be fun...I've heard of coupons, more free product, etc. But challenge her to get at least 20 orders or 5 people who spends $50 or 1 person who buys the Professional Family Skillet (you get the idea...)

One thing that I am focusing on in my Kitchen Shows is to spend more time on the higher priced stuff...it may sound like common sense, but for some reason, I realized I spent more time on the measure-all cup than the cookware (mostly b/c I had pre-judged my customers by thinking they wouldn't or couldn't spend that much $$). You will sell what you show & tell.

Order those training CD's and/or attend a tele-class...awesome info in those formats. One CD I have on increasing show average talks about increasing individual orders and increasing show attendance. Brainstorming ways to accomplish each task could be well worth your time.

hope this helps...

janel kelly

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Feb 19, 2005
That was exactly how my August- October was. I was ready to hang up my apron. I was so frustrated to put in so much of my time into the shows and then only get $30 in commission because the shows barely qualified. Not to mention a couple of my shows didn't even get qualified as shows. It only took one show to get things back in gear. All of the sudden my last show in October had over 15 guests show up and it ended up being a $900 show with 5 bookings. Who would have thought? I didn't do anything different. I just finally got an awesome host. And the bookings from her show have been great hosts also. I say all that to say that sometimes you have to just hang in there and keep trying your hardest. It only takes one great show to get your spirits up and you never know when that awesome hostess will pop up. January is a great time to really get your hostess excited about their shows with all that extra free product. Hang in there and good luck!


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Jun 14, 2005
Like everyone else has said... it happens to all of us. I had a couple of very slow months this past summer. I kept thinking that it was me and giving up crossed my mind. One thing I can tell you is keep your head up, and try to have fun. This makes such a difference for your guests and hostesses. If you are having fun, they will be too. And they will want to do business with you in the future. I know that when you are down it can be hard to put on that game face, but it will all change if you stick with it. I agree with the post about talking to your director. And go to your cluster meetings if you can.

You can do it! Hang in there!


Dec 16, 2005
In the same boat!

Maybe it's that misery loves company or there's safety in numbers or whatever--I'm in the same boat lately. I just keep telling myself that things will pick up and get better. I started over a year ago and had awesome hosts the first few months (people who had rarely, if ever, done shows, and who had lots of friends with money to spend...), and my sales were phenomenal, but I rarely had many bookings. Now I'm struggling with both problems! I think a lot of it has to do with two things: how well your host understands the benefits of hosting, and her motivation (either independently or with your encouragement). When hosts really understand the benefits, they will work toward their own goals with your guidance. Sometimes I have had hosts who have a list of $150 in products they want for free, but they only have a $200 show--I blame myself for that discrepancy because I obviously didn't make it clear to them how the system worked and/or how to make their goal a reality. Focusing early on their wish lists helps because you can give them a definite idea of where they need to be to accomplish what they want.

The other part is the host's motivation. Several of my early hosts were motivated by wanting to help me out, so they wanted to have the biggest, best parties they could in order to get my business going. Most of my hosts now (though I am in a bit of a slump...) are motivated by the products they want or need. Sometimes, though, I think the host is only motivated to help out the person from whom she booked, and when it comes to her own actual show, she just doesn't care that much. That last category is the toughest because many times all the best host-coaching in the world may not motivate them.

I would say just keep your chin up, and be patient for that next great show--it will come. And when it does, you'll be right back in the ballgame!

Best wishes,