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Just have to share with people who "get it"


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Jul 4, 2006

Last Friday I did a show for my sis-in-law who is a royal pain in the you-know-what. She invited 40 people though, so I was psyched! She told me she wanted food for 25 people.....plus, I mailed her invites and bought all the ingredients. 12 people showed ALL WITH THEIR KIDS. She encouraged them all to bring their kids!! Now, don't get me wrong, I love kids, have two of my own and do not mind if someone needs to bring their child. HOWEVER - this was CRAZY. There were LITERALLY 12 kids running back and forth touching everything. It was mayhem. No one was listening and it was hot as heck with no AC. Long story short - the show totaled about $300. :eek: (and I did get 1, possibly 2 bookings, THANK GOD!!)

On the flip side - last night I did a show for a friend of mine who sells Home Interiors. She invited 15, but only 5 could make it. It was DELIGHTFUL. Nice soft music playing while I talked, chopped and mixed. Everyone was listening & had great questions. The show totaled $340 plus I got 2 bookings and a bridal registry!! :D :D I was so excited!! It was just what I needed to offset last week's nightmare!! LOL

Just had to share...:)


Dec 8, 2005
been there!

I've had a host like that! She's a frequent customer, big spender, frequent host of all the in-home party companies and also a friend within my circle of friends....or I should say, she's married to a good friend of ours from high school, and we all just kind of tolerate her! :D

Anyway, her kids are a nightmare! My kids call her daughter "evil hannah" and her son runs a close 2nd to her! There were probably about 10-12 adults at the party, and about 15 kids. For the most part the kids stayed in another room - but they were so loud that it shook the house, and there was constant yelling back and forth from the mom (also the host) and the kids. Yelling is their normal mode of communication so she saw nothing wrong with that.

Because I know this family personally, i came prepared for a challenge with kids and even tried to incorporate them into my show by treating them to making Ice Cream Sandwiches using a bread tube packed with ice cream, store bought cookies and sprinkles......but it didn't help control them for very long.

And her group of adult guests were not much better behaved! She had several people who talked and walked all over me.

I survived it - and now I encourge her to do catalog shows....which for her are just as big in sales as her cooking shows.....and I don't have to see her or "evil hannah"!! heee heee heee :D


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Dec 1, 2005
I feel the same way! I have kids and love kids, but I have a pet peeve about people not teaching their children (or enforcing the lessons) about how to treat others homes. My kids are one and two and go crazy at home, but know to not trash other's homes. When I get in this situation I go to plan B and have the guests help more so they can actually hear what I am saying!