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Just got a website a week ago, need help!


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Jan 17, 2006
I just got my website about a week ago and I already need help. There is a section called

What is that? It tells people who log on to enter a special password if they have ever hosted a show for me. Where can I edit or check this feature out. I have tried searching for info, but I finally gave up. Can someone be kind enough to help me?
I would really like to know what this feature is all about. It's embarrassing to have a website up and running and not know about all that's on there. :eek:
I would appreciate any help. Thanks,
Mar 2, 2006
On CC when you go into your personal website assistant. you can set up the shows. the host can come in and send out e-vites.. do a guest list.. stuff like that. and then when people come online to order, the stuff would go for that show (they have to put in host's name) and you would get an email so you could add it to Pampered Partner. Hope that helps you out some


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Mar 12, 2006
You might want to:

1. check out the Teleclass (live or recorded) on websites

2. call tech support with any problem - they won't make fun of you, I promise!

3. just keep clicking until you figure it out - have fun and play!

Have you gone to Personal Website Assistant? If not, you need to go there and click on Work With Your Shows --> Select a Show Type --> Go --> Enter the host's information --> Continue --> you will be sent to a page that kind of reminds me of the HollyWood Squares set. There should be a box you can click on that says Send Email to Host. The email will come up and you can edit parts of it if you want, preview it, and send it to the host. The password will be in that email as well as on the HollyWood Squares page.

Hope this makes sense!!!


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Feb 17, 2006
The password is automatically generated for you when you set up your hosts show. You then send an e-mail to your host, of which there are templetes allready set up for you in the web assistant, and she will get the password that way. I always set up my shows online and and send the e-mail to my hosts and ask them at the very least to set up their wish list on line, it's great because you can see what your host wants and what their goals are...you can host coach them right past their goals!!