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Just FYI on Pampered Partner...

Feb 14, 2006
Ok, I had this problem with PP and finally figured it out. Just thought I would post it on here in case others had the same problem. I am not a computer whiz so this may be obvious to some.

When I was looking at my shows individually, I noticed on the order page that I could not see the Commissonable Sales and the Tax part. I tried re-sizing the window and all, but nothing worked.

Eventually I called tech support and figured it out. The page script is too large. What you do is close out of your applications and right click on a blank area on your desktop. Go to Properties, and then click the Settings tab. On the pixels resolution, chose 1024 x 768. Your computer will flicker and everything will get smaller. It takes a little while to adjust, but the PP problem is fixed!

Hope that helps someone else...

~Kristen :)


Future Director
Silver Member
Feb 20, 2006
Same Problem

I also had the same problem; called Tech Support and a very patient and helpful individual walked me through the steps to change the size. THANK GOODNESS FOR TECH SUPPORT. THEY ALWAYS COME THROUGH FOR ME!!!!:)


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Oct 22, 2005

I have the same problem but like to be able to read my other applications so just keep it where I can't see all the info. It's a real pain but really I can't be changing my pixels to where I can't read the other stuff on my computer. I wish that PP would work on all pixel settings...BEE
Feb 14, 2006
It took me a little while to adjust, but actually, I like it better this way. The writing isn't too tiny that I can't read it and you can always change the pixel setting back if you don't like it.

Just my 2 cents!