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Pampered Chef: June Mystery Host

  1. Does anyone have a flyer ready yet for the Canadian version of the June mystery host
    May 8, 2009
  2. deener

    deener Guest

    What's mystery host? How does it work?
    Jun 7, 2009
  3. Jolie_Paradoxe

    Jolie_Paradoxe Senior Member Gold Member

  4. caraighan

    caraighan Member Gold Member

    What I do is I get 10 people to take up a $100 order and I turn it in as a $1000 show. I split up the host benefits and draw for them after they've turned in the money for their $100 orders. Some people split it up differently than I do. But it's my business so I do it like I want! This is the one I sent out for June. I pasted it below. I follow up with phone calls.
    The problem I usually have is getting enough people to actually follow through! Last time (April) I started out with 13 and only 6 actually completed it! :yuck: I had some outside orders that made it up to a $700. By the time each ordered stuff for themselves (at 25% off) I had over $900 in commissionable sales. :D Not too bad for only 6 people!

    I usually cut the prizes a little from a $1000 show to give me a cushion (so to speak) in case not everyone finishes. I also add this disclaimer at the bottom:

    Note: This will only work if all 10 participants turn in their orders. In the event that anyone drops out, prizes will be reduced accordingly. Please, let me know as soon as possible if you decide you can’t do this challenge so that I can get someone else to fill your spot. Orders must be turned in by June 20th. This challenge is open to anyone who lives within 35 miles of me or is willing to come to my house to pick up their Mystery Host order when it comes in. Thank you for participating.

    To participate in my June Mystery Host Challenge, I need 10 people to each collect at least $100 (before tax/shipping) in Pampered Chef orders by June 20th. Please, contact me by Friday, June 5th to participate in my June Mystery Host Challenge.
    Contact me before I call you and receive an additional gift from me!
    Most people will place an order of at least $30-50, so that means that all you should have to do is collect 2-3 orders. After the orders are turned in, I will draw for the following great prizes:

    1st prize: $125 in FREE products of your choice!!!
    2nd prize: $75 in FREE products of your choice!!!
    3rd prize: up to three (depending of total Mystery Host Challenge sales) Collapsible Serving Bowls at 60% off!!! NEW 2 qts. Collapsible Serving Bowl (#HT01) Only $6! NEW 4 qts. Collapsible Serving Bowl (#HT02) Only $8! 8 qts. Collapsible Serving Bowl (#HT03) Only $10! A value of up to $60!!!!
    4th through 6th prize: Any single item in the catalog for half-price!!!
    7th through 10th prizes: A NEW Kernel Cutter FREE ($7.50 value)!!!

    PLUS, the Mystery Host who turns in the highest sales of at least $200, will get their choice of the Chillzanne Sectional Server (a $49.50 value!) or the Chillzanne Rectangle Server (a $35 value!) FREE!
    The inserts of both of these Chillzanne Servers are freezable and will keep foods cold for several hours. The Rectangle Server was a very popular item when it was in the catalog. On one side the insert is flat, for a fruit or veggie tray, and on the other side it's an egg tray that will hold 24 deviled eggs. Both of these servers are exclusive retired products available only to June hosts!

    In addition to all of these GREAT prizes, all of my June Mystery Host participants who submit at least $125 in sales in their Mystery Host order, will receive two rubs of their choice and a Season’s Best Recipe Collection FREE!!!!!

    Plus, all participants may order as many items as they wish for themselves at a 30% off after collecting the $100 order! So everyone gets something! This is a great time to stock up on gifts or a special item you may want for yourself!

    Receive 2 extra entries by booking a cooking show in July and 5 extra entries by joining my team before this challenge is completed!!!

    It only works if 10 people participate. Contact me to reserve your place in the June Mystery Host Challenge!!!
    Jun 7, 2009
  5. stefani2

    stefani2 Veteran Member

    i LOVE the format of caraighan's Mystery Host Show - I do one similar - they always turn out great!
    Jun 10, 2009
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