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Jimmy Buffet/Margaritaville Summer theme GAMES?


Jan 23, 2006
Hi all! I am thrilled to be doing a Margaritaville Show for a friend. I've found awesome files out here for recipes, invites, "murder" shows, etc. But now my host asked about "what games could we play?" I really don't want to do the Murder" one. Does anyone have any trivia or games they could share on Jimmy Buffet, Margaritas or Summer time themes? Looking for something fun to do on Friday evening with "alcohol" involved. I don't think I'm going to do the traditional "demo" - just fun product demos and games. I may demo/make the Cheeseburger calzone (yummy!).


Jul 21, 2005
I've done two buffett shows - I just did Jimmy Buffett trivia - there's a really good book out there on the topic, which makes finding stuff on the internet difficult - it's all copyrighted (which I wish I realized earlier, as I was doing it at the last minute)

We made margaritas in the QSP,and had sizzlin shrimp cakes, the cheeseurger ring, and strawberry margarita squares - yum!

At christmas time, there is always a sheet that goes around that has christmas carols listed with just the first letter of each word in the first line and you have to try and figure out what they are- you could do that for a bunch of buffett songs and have a race to see who finishes them - and an extra pitcher of margaritas for the winning team!