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January Cancellations


Aug 7, 2005
Is anyone else having a lot of them? I've just had my fourth one this month (and my second to cancel on the DAY of the show! :eek: ) It's not due to weather...in the Pacific Northwest all we have is rain. I've host coached, so I don't think that's the problem. Both shows that canceled on the day of the show were VERY enthusiastic - one even called me to schedule the show initially...the other called me from the grocery store the morning of to make sure she had the right ingredients! Anyway, now I'm down to just two more shows this month...and it's going to look like I made up those other four to get the free towel. :( I'm doing a home-based business open house tomorrow, so I'll just have to keep my fingers crossed for some February bookings.

Anyway, these are the first real cancellations I've had...was just wondering if this is happening to others, as well. (Is that why the promo this month is so good - because this happens a lot?)

Have a great day,
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Oct 22, 2005
Many Cancellations!

I was told that you need to double book January because many people do cancel. I had 4 cancel too. So I decided to get creative- I am having a catalog show at my dentist's office. I made it a mystery host show. So anyone who orders has a chance of getting the host benefits :) It is frustrating! I called a host who scheduled a show for Feb. I called her to get her address to mail her the packet of info. She told me she just started selling Southern Living at Home and she understands how bad it is when someone cancels, but she needs to. I wasn't too happy! Oh well. Good luck.


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Jan 1, 2006
Cancellations in general

I always seem to have many cancellations too and it's usually things beyond my control...

One time a hostess (a high school friend) had to leave the state for her best friend who was rushed to ER for sudden constant vomiting. This was around the holidays. She was also having family problems. So anyway, we turned her kitchen show into a catalog show, which was better than nothing!

I've had others who cancelled and said they would reschedule and it's been almost a year and I can't get commitment from them! So frustrating...these are also friends, so I don't want to pester them! But they keep mentioning they want to do a show...I think there are at least 6 of them...

I had one hostess who cancelled her show and 9 months later, had a $869 Kitchen show with only 6 guests attending. (She got A LOT of outside orders). Now she wants to do one or two shows a year, because she was THRILLED with all her free and discounted products!

WHen I first started PC, my mom booked a show and TRIED to cancel it because she said only 2 people were coming. WELL, since it was one of my first couple shows, I told her I'd still do it, for practice, if nothing else. TURNS OUT 6 people showed up and each person ordered at least $50 to get the guest special! Then she had 2 outside orders, so it turned into a $500 show. I was so excited! And to think she wanted to cancel it!!

So there is hope...
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I was beginning to think that I was the only one! I have had 4 shows cancel this month too (no earning the new 6 muffin stoneware!). One should be a definite and one I haven't heard from the host so I'm going to guess that it's been cancelled. I'm very frustrated as I can't imagine why people wouldn't be pounding down my door to schedule a show! 1 1/2 times the free stuff! I just wish I had planned ahead and scheduled a show for myself.
Aug 24, 2005
I also have had cancellations this month. I had a $400 show last night. I too wanted the muffin stone pan but don't think it's gonna happen. I might have a show for the 28th she will let me know next week. She seems really excited about it . We have talked 3 times so maybe she won't cancel on me.


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Jun 14, 2005
I have had a couple of cancellations so far this month too. They have all turned into catalog shows, so hopefully I will still get something out it them. YOu just have to try not to take them too personally.


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Nov 3, 2005
I have been lucky, I only had one cancelation and it was due to flooding on New years eve. I thought my house was going to flood the river was 3 feet away from my back gate and normally during the winter it's about 20 feet away. However she rescheduled for feb. which is double points month, so I am not too stressed. :D