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It Happened To Me!

Stephanie S

May 13, 2005
The show last night was my worst ever! It was horrible from beginning to end!

I had problems with this host from the beginning - to make matters worse she was a former PartyLite consultant, so you'd think that she would know the basics to having a great show! I host coached….and host coached….and host coached….encouraging her to invite more people than her place would hold. She seemed comfortable with the commitments that she had gotten from people, and I had dong pretty much all I could.

When I arrived last night she was already half in the bag. She started telling me how disappointed she was because so most of the people had called to cancel last minute! (I was not surprised about this, and had cautioned her about it during the host coaching). So, because she was so upset she had started to drink right when she got home from work!

I couldn't help being a little bummed, knowing that 3 of the people (including the host) had been at my last show (one of the guests was the former host) and weren't going to book a show of their own from this one. There was one other girl who came (whom the host hadn't seen for 1 year), and they grabbed a random neighbour from the hall - who just came to eat (he was a guy and didn't seem into the whole hanging out with chicks chatting thing).

So I set up a small display and carried on anyways! Well they chatted through the entire demo! Chatted about each of their condo's, chatted about what they had done this summer, they acted as though the only reason I was there was to make them something to eat!!

I was making this decadent chocolate dessert pizza - so there was a giant cookie that I had to bake. I had pre-heated the oven, put my cookie in when the oven was ready, and set the timer to bake. When I pulled the cookie out it wasn't even close to done. The host had forgotten to tell me that the oven is not as hot as others, and it takes things longer to cook! At this point I had already finished preparing all of the toppings for the pizza, so I had to think of something to do…. Remember, through this whole time people were chatting and not even paying attention to a single thing that I was saying. I chatted about some of the other products (to myself) and prayed that the cookie would be done soon. People kept looking at me and their thoughts were obvious "what's taking so long"….The host must have felt a bit of remorse because she explained the oven, and that she hadn't told me that it would take longer. Then proceeded to talk about their own kitchen appliances! Oh, and did I forget to mention that when I opened the oven door smoke billowed out because her oven was so dirty - then people panicked about the smoke detectors going off. Yelling to each other to open the windows, fan the detector, looking at me as though I was going to burn the place down, etc. (it didn't even end up going off).

When the cookie was finished I put it all together, dressed it with the toppings, cut it up and asked the hosts mother if she could help serve it while I cleaned everything up. I just wanted to get out of there. I came out with 2 orders, and the hosts show doesn't even qualify as a show yet (it didn't meet the min $200. in guest sales). I let her know the amount that she needed, and that I would call her on Sunday. I had to interrupt her from chatting with one of her friends to even tell her this. The expression on her face was that I was interrupting her (which I was because she was being somewhat disrespectful!)

So that's it! My terrible show. I'm praying that I don't have another like that any time soon *knock on wood*

Pampered Princess

I can relate

My story is know where near as bad as that. I held a Party Lite show in April. I had the party to help out the consultant because she was just getting started with her business and I knew what it is like starting out as a new consultant. She booked a PC show for July. Great! I felt I was off to a great start to July. I felt I had plenty of time to coach her. I would contact her and she would return my calls or my emails. I finally caught up with her a week before her show. We confirmed the date, and I mentioned to her that I had mailed out the 6 invitations to the people on her list. I was also wondering if she had mentioned the show to anyone else and what her approximate head count was going to be. "Oh I have about 12 people coming." I encourged her to tell those people coming to bring an extra friend or two. She said she would.

I called her a the day before the show. She canceled on me. But asked if she could do a catalog show for July instead. I explained the differences but figured she would at least get the $200 in order to get something free. I also told her I would give here a $5.00 coupon for every booking she received so that she could use it to purchase from any of the upcoming hosts. On July 27th I called to to set up a date to close her show so I could submitt it for July. She told me she had never even opened the packet with the catalogs an order forms and everything else. "Can I do an August show instead?" I said that would be fine and I sent off the August specials and outside order forms to her. Again trying to get her to return my calls and emails was not happening. At this point I was :mad: so angry because I would never had done this to her or any other consultant for that matter.

I spoke with her last week and told her point blank I need to close your show because it has been almost 2 months of going back and fourth and I need to submit those sales. I also mentioned to her that I know she could understand being a fellow consultant. She understood, I am supposed to meet her today to close her show. But the kicker is she ask me if I would like to host another candle party this fall. OMG! . I want to say "sure I'll do another show for you if I can cancel and reschedule and not return your phone calls" LOL. I will let you know how this turns out later.


Gold Member
Jan 6, 2005
Yikers, Steph, what a bummer....
Keep your chin up though, as those "bad" shows, happen very few and far between..and at least you got yours "out of the way" now! I bet your next show is going to be a blast....and you learned a great tip about asking hostesses about how their oven works!
You could call those guests and thank them for coming and talk a little more one-to-one on the phone, and be able to talk about hosting a show or upcoming specials and the opportunity...just a thought...
Sorry I couldn't be more helpful...but hang in there...and remember bad shows are a rarity!
Have a great day!


Jul 6, 2005
I think we have all had

a bad show or two ! I have had a few where i go to the house up on the third floor , dogs barking ladys with cigarettes hanging out of there mouths ! I have seen it all , so I think !! A few houses the kitchen have been so nasty! Houses that smell , Iam thinking to myself how can they live here ! I have had a few crowds pay no attention to me , one show i acually stopped talking no one was listening! So I just stopped talking finished the recipe, put it in the oven ,and sat there being ignored ! I just let it roll off ! I acually laugh to myself that people can be that rude ! They are the ones who get removed form my email list !! LOL !! No more shows with them !! I love my job though ! You never know what you are going to walk into !! It is never the same !! :)
Oct 9, 2005
show from he double hockey sticks!!!

I too just had my first horrid show. Sounds about the same.....I was so upset. Then I just laughed....out loud for that matter, nobody even realized I was laughing. The INVISABLE CONSULTANT!!!! These women even turned their chairs away from me......until of course it was time to draw the door prize slip. Then back around the chairs did swivel. I was morified to have the realization that there are out and out rude and inconsiderate people in this world. Needless to say though.....the show was an $800. show. SUCKERS!!!!!!I showed them alright.....all the way to the bank, but....I did vow to never hold a show for this host again......oh yeah....the host and the guests....THEY WERE ALL MY FAMILY!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Now, beat that one. :eek: :mad:


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Silver Member
Oct 11, 2005
muffy12 said:
Needless to say though.....the show was an $800. show. SUCKERS!!!!!!I showed them alright.....all the way to the bank, but....I did vow to never hold a show for this host again

Muffy you crack me up! And maybe they were so "casual" because it was family.


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Oct 11, 2005
And let us not forget...

Stephanie S said:
When I arrived last night she was already half in the bag... So, because she was so upset she had started to drink right when she got home from work!

How sad her life must be! Drinking because of her party?! :eek: I'm sorry, I think she has bigger problems than a bad turnout!!

Steph: it could be worse, you could be her! I have had a few crappy ones as well, but none like what you all described.
Mar 13, 2005
I just love the "horrid show" stories. I know that we've all had them. Too funny. And for every bad show there is a good one. I had a very small show last Sunday. I drove 70 miles to get there for 5 guests (one of whom wasn't going to even look at the catalog) another that had no money (she told me point blank) and two girls that were students. They were very attentive and in the end the host ordered enough so the total was over $200. Yeah I didn't make hardly enough to cover the gas but I'll tell you what....I was there for over 4 hours chatting and having a wonderful time. They treated me like family and and old friend. One booked a show so I'll drive another 70 miles one way but I am looking at it another fun time with my new friends. Sometimes you might not get what you expected but in this business things change daily. Some of my worst shows have been family and friends and the best have been complete strangers. Good luck to you all. Enjoy all the experiences they just make you stronger.

Pampered Zoe

Sep 30, 2005
Thank you Kristen!

What a wonderful way to look at life!

I think it helps everyone to talk about these awful shows... now we know we aren't the only ones. ;)

Good luck out there ladies!
May 2, 2005
Ok here goes it!

O "My" I need to vent along with you all too! Thank you to whom started this post! I just need to get this out!
Last week I had 2 cancellations on the day! I had a re-book and then on Sun I went to the hosts house and started discussing about the guests and all that and she is like Oh ya there were like 10 replies "yes" well you all know how many actually came--4!!!! Ya and 2 never looked at there lap pack at all and one(my sister in law) has no money...So first off I don't work weekends BUT this host bagged me and pleaded so I gave in!!! I left with no sales and 1 booking (Thank goodness)...It gets better!!! I had a kids cooking show today, 3 parents/kids came but all the family was there so before I started I asked her to please hand out the lap packs and she was like "Oh no, theres no need for those...I thought you were just going to cook!" What the heck do I say to that one???
So anyways long story short..Not a good week!!