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Buying ISO Ice shaver

Sarah K.

Novice Member
Silver Member
Jun 8, 2006
I know this is a must have for many and like finding a needle in a haystack. But if anyone happens to have an extra or doesn't use theres anymore, doesn't even have to be new. I have a very good friend that would love to have one, she lost hers when her home flooded last summer. I want to find a new one for her as a gift. I also think that if I can happen to find another that I would like one too. email me at [email protected] Thank you in advance! Have funded pp!

Trish in Texas

Gold Member
Apr 22, 2008
I have one, not new, with only two of the three bowls. Only used it once or twice. Would be glad to part with it. Not sure how much it was originally...but you would need you to pay shipping. PM me if you are interested.

Trish in Texas
Independent Consultant