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ISO Fair Booth Help!

Apr 27, 2013
I am a new consultant - since mid April - and will have my first fair booth next weekend on a Friday, Saturday, and Sunday. I will have a total of 20 hours over those 3 days for exposure, so I'm super excited about that.

I plan to have my spring/summer catalog on display in a 3 ring binder, as has been previously suggested. I also plan to use my drawing slips, and offer a different drawing prize for each day.

My questions are - how many mini catalogs and full size catalogs do I need? I would rather spare using up all my full size catalogs since I am on a limited budget right now for PC items, and I don't want to give away full size catalogs to someone who may not buy anything. Does that sound bad?

Also, I won't have items for sale, so this will basically be a catalog show - so I plan to charge the shipping and sales tax as I would for a show, correct?

What items should I take for display - all of them? I also have electricity to use, but don't know if I want to add all the extra that would be required to do a cooking demo each day.

Any advice, pointers appreciated.


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Apr 14, 2004
I always tear the pages out of a catalog and put them between plastic sheets in a binder. This way people can page thru the catalog and it will hold up nicely.I always offer 10% off orders as an incentive. It's tempting to bring a ton of products- but don't. I also have a clip board with a sign up sheet for the opportunity, bookings, and my newsletter. I keep my current catalogs behind my booth and give them out to people I talk with and that I think are serious.
I have my business cards front and center and people can grab those. Otherwise people tend to grab a catalog go-often they just want to see what's new and aren't really interested. I'd bring your summertime best sellers. My picks would be Cool N Serve, Quick Stir Pitcher, Salad Spinner, some grilling products, and collapsible bowls. Bring the Food Chopper or Manual Food Processor. I'd also bring 1 stone. I also bring my tool turnabout with 6-8 tools. Put them near to you- so they don't walk.
Good luck!


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Sep 5, 2007
Any games we could use at something like this and give away little prizes? I was thinking of some kind of spinner game....anyone have any ideas?


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Jan 1, 2011
One thing I did that was super easy and cheap and not a lot of work was to take recipe cards, put my info label on one side and on the front I put a label that said "FREE MONEY!" and then a variety "10% off your order today" "book a party for June or July and receive a FREE.... (product)" "FREE Shipping with $60 order" etc.

Then I took the recipe cards, put them in a PC bag (the market on the go would work great or the cooler on the go) and as people walk by I yell, "Pick a Card, Everyone's A Winner!" They can chose to take the offer and if they don't at least they have a recipe card so they "won" that!


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Feb 27, 2008
I usually hand out recipe cards with my info on them. I like pchockeymom's idea, that sounds like a lot of fun!
Mimijulie, I would bring the starter kit products along with any summer tools you may have or can borrow. Don't bring too much! Your main objective here is to collect leads, so having some kind of "gift" will help you get their info on those drawing slips. Lots of times I offer a FREE cooking show (I will bring the ingredients) everybody wins (they don't know that)!
Good luck!