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ISO Charms


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Oct 28, 2004
Anybody selling the following charms? February's Batter Bowl, Let's whip Cancer and July's Chillzanne? I would also love the watch if you want to part with it.

You can email me offlist at: cookingwithlove(at)comcast.net



Sep 24, 2005
Need Charms

Ijust got my charm bracelet today...not sure why they bothered because I will only be able to earn the patriotic mold charm and the October Charm. Does anybody either want the bracelet or have extra charms that I could get?


Why so sad?

I tell you what you can do to make it more special. Take pictures!!

Now you can put anything on Italian Charms. If you go to leadership or national conference, take some pictures. Whether it is with your cluster or people from this site you meet for the first time take those pictures and send them to a company who can put the picture on them. Make sure it is a close up so it can show who you are :p .

The reason I say this is my director has a picture of herself a fellow consultant and Doris herself!!! and sent it in and it is on her charm.

Take pictures at your show or with your family to remind yourself why you are with PC.

Laser is another fashion at this time.

Engrave your start date, when you made director, when you made 15,000 in career sales.

Make your bracelet into your own record of achievements and fun. Don't give it away :(

If you are willing to buy a watch insert, buy one from the charm store.

I am going to look right now at my online charm store and see if they do all this stuff. If not I will find a link for you.


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Sep 30, 2005
AJPratt said:
Sorry.. I just have extra choppers.

Hi , I just received my bracelet today. You said you have extra choppers. Are you willing to sell one to me. I just started PC in October and I am so excited, but I wish I could get more charms for my bracelet. Please let me know. Thank You!


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Feb 20, 2005
Everyone needs to check out this site. Not alot of pictures there but there IS a link to email Lora. She lives in BC, Canada and makes charms. She was also a PC consultant until last month. She made me a "I LOVE Pampered Chef" Charm, a "Super Consultant" one and a couple others. She does photos as well. These all fit our wider bracelets. Each were under $8. I found out about her on another board and I'm thrilled with my four charms.

I've added the link below. If you DO contact her from her website please let her know I sent you. I don't 'get' anything for it but I did promise to send business her way because I was so happy with her work and customer service.