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Is personal website worth it?

Nov 3, 2005
I was wondering if you think the personal website it worth the cost? Has it helped your Pampered Chef business? Just your thoughts. Thank you.



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Sep 13, 2005

What a response. :eek:

I personally love my website and it has helped my hosts with out of town orders and such. Many of my hosts are computer savy; thus, they love being able to do e-invites and being able to give people my website to order. This makes my host's job easier. No delivering catalogs, calling and picking up orders. Now all they have to do is give their friends and family the website and call to see if they placed their order.

I am sure that you saw on those other links that many people are dissappointed with the new web policy, but there are many ways to use your website without violating these policies!

Another thing to consider is it costs $72 for 12 months. That is $6 a month. I only need to get one $20 order a month at my Director's commission to pay for the website. Not too bad of an investment!

Hope this helps! :D


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May 6, 2005
I love my website too. Although not all hosts use it, the ones who do definitely get more orders that I don't think they otherwise would have. It makes it SO easy for them to invite their out of town friends and family to take a look and place an order. If there wasn't an easy way for them to do this like just log onto my website, I don't think hosts would be going out of their way to tell the out of town people about it. Plus, I have had a few individual orders lately from people who were referred to my website by their friends who are customers of mine.

I definitely think it's worth it! Although some of the new policies aren't my favorite, in the end I really feel PC is trying to look out for its consultants as best they can. You're not going to be able to please everybody all the time. Plus, I have a feeling something regarding websites will be announced at Leadership Conference that is bound to help our business. Obviously there seems to be an emphasis on websites lately, so I guess we'll just have to wait and see what's going on. :)