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Is anyone having luck wtih their leads they got from a bridal fair?

Jan 31, 2006
Is anyone having luck wtih their leads they got from a bridal fair? We did one in Feb, a month before the registry started. I was good with the follow up leading up to March or at least thought I was and have nothing to show for it. I think since we had nothing to show them on our website for a month hurt us.

Does anyone have any suggestion to reconnect again? I thought to send the registy information again and call them a few days later.


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Jan 13, 2006
I have not had ANY luck from the leads I have gotten at the 2 fairs I have done....well, actually that is not all true....I did get one show out of the last one (from a vendor who was stationed right next to me who heard my spiel all day long and must've thought I was desperate!).

As far as registries, I only have one (and it is a family member!). I think I am done spending time and $$ on the fair thing. May be seaonal, may be where you are located in the country....


Dec 14, 2005
I did a bridal fair in Jan. I followed up, offered a free show to all the brides that entered my drawing and no one took me up on it. One bride did a catalog show, but that's it.


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Jan 1, 2006
ME too

I did a bridal expo in April. I split it with another consultant. So far, only 1 person actually started their bridal registry. I called all of the leads and emailed the handful I had email addreses for. Most people were quite rude and did not want to be bothered. The ones that were interested the day of the fair have not returned my emails or calls yet.

As for reconnecting, I'm all for spending the least amount of money. So I would send an email (if possible) and follow up with a phone call. If you don't have emails, then send them a mini-catalog and follow up with a phone call!