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Is a Website worth it??


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Jun 29, 2005
I would love to hear everyone's opinion about having a PC website before I invest in one. Does it really help your business?


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May 24, 2005
i got the website in Oct and so far i have had one order and that was a lady who had gotten my name from someone and we were able to go the website together and go through it cause she did not have a catalog plus i have a hostess who wants to keep placing ordes on the website so right now i think it is worth the money at first i was worried since ii havent had any orders.


Apr 27, 2005
For me, it is WELL worth the money. For a matter of fact, I recieved a total of around $500 from having my website from friends and family members of current hostesses. At first it was tough because I did not know exactly how to market the website, but now, it works GREAT!!!!! My trick is to place reciepes on there that you DO NOT do at your parties and tell them that they can go onto the website and check out such and such recipe and they can try the recipe and let you know how the recipe turned out for them. Hope this makes since. You want to have a reason for people to be DRAWN to your website. Not to just go on and look at product. Thats boring for a lot of people. Give them a reason to click around and find those FREE recipes then what will happen is they will find other things of interest, product, business, specials, etc. GRAB THEIR ATTENTION!!!!!!!!!!!


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Nov 9, 2005
I really like the personal websites not only for the outside orders of people who can not attend but for the e-invitations and responses as well as the thank you's. The e-invitations are great for you as the consultant so you can see how many are attending.


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Feb 2, 2005
I like the idea of customers being able to get online and see the products. But, I have had my site for 1 year and only received 1 order from it. It was from a lady who had attended a show early last spring. I send her a newsletter. She got online and looked and then called me with an order. I can't get my hosts to use it at all. I am hoping now that online ordering will boost my sales, but not holding my breath. I paid for another year, so I guess we will see how it goes.

Lisa S

Nov 14, 2004
I just renewed my website in October. This last weekend, I received an individual order for $225! That definitely makes it worth it.

I also work with my hosts to get orders online with each show. I really push those outside orders and it definitely pays off.

Hope that helps


Sep 24, 2005
I can't get my hosts into using the website either, despite my strong encouragement about how easy it is! i put my address on all the invitations I give out, always provide a host pass word, etc. I am using it myself for my upoming open house....which I am not even up for after such a lousy month but anyway, it is sooooooooo easy to make your wish list and email people. I haven't had a single person use it, but I like the idea of posting recipes to entice people. If that doesn't work, I am going to cancel my subscription because it has not been worth it so far.


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Nov 9, 2005
It does pay off in the long run

I do believe that the website does pay off in the long run. I live in Arkansas and had a show in March that had 2 good orders submitted from Michigan from the host sending them an e-invitation. She was excited as much as I was, because that meant $100 more for her order. In May she co-hosted a show hith her niece and she sent them e-invitations again and got about that same amount for their HWC show. Wow, I did not realize until typing this quote that I had had so many order off my website!!!!! I had a kitchen show where someone from 45 minutes away could not attend, but she did make a good order from being e-invited. I have a show going on right now, well, it is to be held on Dec. 4 and it is just over an hour away from me. I stressed that since her family loves PC and lives in Indiana that she don't have to worry. I have already received about $100 in orders from 2 of her family member that live in Indiana..........and her show is still 2 weeks away! I am so excited also to see that she is taking the initiative to get pumped up ahead of time and send out her invitations and e-invites. That also shows me that I am not traveling over an hour away, giving up my Sat. afternoon with my family, I will actually be making some money off of this host and even more from her e-invites! I have my website plastered everywhere I have my name plastered. I really does pay off! I sure hope it does for you also. The address is a little long, but I think it sticks to their mind.

Angela Roark (431269)
Ind. Future Director
Corning, AR 72422
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