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Invite Comments?


Veteran Member
Oct 22, 2005
I'm looking for comments on the below/attached invitaiton to an opportunity night. Would it entice you to come? I am inviting a bunch of people - many of whom have only slightly showed interest in the business. I'd like to bribe them to attend and them hook them in with so much fun. Thanks for your thoughts....BEE

You're Invited to a Pampered Chef PRIZE Party!

Monday, June 8
7:00 pm
1312 Apache Lane, Apex 27502

Join Bee and her team for a special night of FOOD, FUN and FREE prizes.
Learn about the Pampered Chef, choose a product just for coming and earn chances to win more prizes. Here's what you get as Bee’s special visitor:

RSVP that you’ll come – pick small prize
Attend meeting – pick product ($10-$20 value)
Bring a friend – pick product
Book a cooking show – $15 product of your choice at close of show
Become a consultant - pick product AND $20 CASH when you host your opening show
Hope you can join us!
RSVP today for a prize.
Bee Persson, Independent Pampered Chef Director
(919) 362-0032
[email protected]
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Trish in Texas

Gold Member
Apr 22, 2008
It needs a zippier font and a few graphics. Like the text though. Those free products should bring them in. Can you afford giving that much away free?

Trish in Texas
Ind. Consultant


Veteran Member
Oct 22, 2005
I'm open to a more exciting headline if anyone has one. I will be using a pretty "food" themed stationary to make it visually more interesting.

I'm glad you think the products will get them to come.

My director says to give tickets away but I'm thinking that at most I'll have five people come. Just my Spring sell-a-thon products that I haven't opened should cover that. Tickets at a "chance" of winning just doesn't do for me and I wanted something to really tempt them. Thanks for your comments.


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Staff member
Sep 8, 2008
I might drop a few pictures of some products that you might be thinking about to entice them and give it color. But it's worth trying- at least once! See how it goes and if the results you get are worth the expense. Be sure to let us know how it goes though!! I know myself and a few others have thought about something similar. I was doing several booths this spring and had so many recruit leads, I thought having an opportunity night after a booth would be a great idea. So I'm interested in how your's turns out.

Good luck!