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Investment Cooking Tips?

Oct 3, 2005
I'm looking for ways to help customers use our products to help them get more bang out of their buck. i/e Cooking ahead ideas or how to keep things fresher. I already cook chicken ahead of time and cut up or shred as well as ground beef. Any other ideas out there?
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Legacy Member
May 6, 2005
I've heard that the new Roasting Pan can be used on the stovetop for things like ground beef. I think I heard somewhere that it can brown 7 POUNDS of ground beef at once! This is a great way to do investment cooking. Once it cools, people can package it up in ziplock freezer bags in 1 lb portions and have it all ready to go for recipes. The Roasting Pan can also be used for lasagne, rice krispie treats, big casseroles, etc.

Those were the ideas that came to mind.


Senior Member
Jul 31, 2005
Cookie Kisses can be made so quickly! I plan to make a million and freeze for later use. Bet the pecan tassies & mini-quich can be frozen too.



Apr 22, 2005
The new stoneware cookbook has a recipe for a meat sauce that you can make ahead and freeze, then defrost when you need to make three completely different recipes: Chili, Tostadas and Pasta Rollups....we did this last week and all three of them were so yummy!

There's another cookbook that we have w/ a section "Cook Once, Eat twice" that has several recipes you make for one meal and have enough for leftovers to make another meal.

Another tip I learned was to make mashed potatoes, put them in muffin pan and freeze them. After they're frozen, put 2-3 each into ziploc bags and you can defrost them when you need them, plus they're already in individually portioned sizes.


Jul 31, 2005
This was an idea from my hospitality director...you can use the Roasting Pan to cook several different meats (such as pork tenderloin, chicken, beef) at once. Since they're all on the rack and not in the pan, the juices won't mix. Once they're cooked you can freeze the cooked meat or use for the week in tacos, lasagna, sandwiches, etc.

I'm not sure about cooking temp/time, though!