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Intro - Linda Zamora

Apr 5, 2020
Hi - I am a new consultant within past 60 days and I currently have a party where a customer is asking for Vegan recipes. Not just Vegetarian but Vegan. I also am looking to get more vegetables into my recipes as well and would like to be able to provide all types of recipes for my customers.


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Staff member
Sep 8, 2008
Welcome Linda.

You could search the threads using the search tool. See what others have suggested in the past. I found this thread...it's old, but doesn't mean the recipes can't still be great and useful.

You could also ask your host what kind of things she was thinking or come up with a plan (not too much, especially starting out)...meal, appetizer, dessert. You could search online for vegan recipes, and then make them work for your PC supplies!

Good luck and welcome.