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Incredible Month!!!!

Sooner PC

Sep 30, 2005
:D I am having the best month ever. I am on month 3 of my super starter and have already had 2 shows totalling over $1400 (combined). I HAVE 6 SHOWS LEFT TO DO THIS MONTH!!!! Based on what I have banked and the what I hope the shows close at - I am going to get 2 or 3 of the extra bonuses.

I have 1 show booked in December - and I only plan on doing 3, but my January is filling up quickly. I have 6 shows booked and 3 leads - and did I mention that I STILL HAVE 6 SHOWS LEFT TO DO THIS MONTH!!!

I am doing the happy dance and having fun !!!

Boomer Sooner!!

Shannon Overstreet