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Increasing Catalog Or Online Shows?


Jul 13, 2005
Due to my job with assisting in long term recovery from Hurricane Katrina, I can only schedule catalog or online shows for the next 6 weeks.

Any suggestion to increase interest in these types of shows?
Or suggestions as incentives for shows?



Advanced Member
Nov 24, 2004
Quick Catalog or Online Show incentives

Call everyone and ask them.
Offer a contest for the two months your unavailable...the catalog show with the highest sales receives a (insert your choice of free product here).
Mystery Catalog Hostess...all people that collect $150 (or less if you prefer) orders go into a drawing to be the hostess. If you had 10 people participate and collect even only $50 each, that's a $500 show for the lucky winner. If they have someone book a cooking show for the month you return and are available, their name goes in twice... Or for every $50 in orders they collect, their name goes in...
Go to the Files section in the above toolbar. Sort alphabetically and look for mystery host flyers. Everyone does their mystery host shows differently. Endless possibilities here.


Jan 15, 2006
I'm kind of in your same shoes, I'm pregnant and have been restricted to bed rest so basically all I can do are catalog or online shows. I found a great flyer on here called "Pampered Chef Lady" that you can distribute to advertize strictly website/catalog shows! I'm having the hubby pass it around the neighborhoods :)


Dec 14, 2005
Since March is my ss3, and I want to get as many bonuses as I can, I am offering $10 in extra procuct value to catalog show hosts who close out by 3/31. I have gotten a few catalog hosts with that.

janel kelly

Advanced Member
Feb 19, 2005
A lady at my cluster meeting last night mentioned having whats called "call-in shows". She had to do this because of bad weather once but I thought it was a neat idea and she ended up having a $900 show. Basically she called all of her hosts guests she invited and mentioned that if they call in the day of the show with an order then she would get them a free seasons best. Anyway, I thought it was a cool idea so thought I would share with those of you who can't do cooking shows right now.