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Important tip for the Roasted Garlic Spread!

Nov 27, 2005
Hi all!

I made the Roasted Garlic Spread, one of the new recipes for Spring. The recipe says to use the Nylon Masher to mash the beans. DON'T BOTHER! It was not working at all. Use the pastry blender instead. It worked very quickly and easily! Happy Cooking!
Nov 27, 2005
Yes on both counts!

Hi Rita,

The recipe is delicious (if you like beans and garlic!) and I would make it for a show. I would pair it with the pizzetta triangles, which I would do first so they can cook and cool. The dip would be next. I would roast, cool, and peel all the garlic, and pre-press all but two or three of the cloves for time's sake before the show. Incidently, here's where you can show off those cute little prep bowls! Having your ingredients in the little bowls helps you look like a pro! The pizzetta triangles show more expensive items, and both recipes don't take long to make so time is not an issue. Both recipes together show lots of products and you can even cross sell these: woven selections basket (to put triangles in), or the simple additions large square platter, small bowl caddy, smooth edge can opener, can strainer, colander and bowl set, stainless steel mixing bowls (on sale in March!) measure all cup, and lemon & rosemary soap to get the garlic smell off your hands. Hope this helps. Happy Cooking!


Legend Member
Oct 6, 2005
I made this and the olive salad for our cluster meeting this week. I used the nylon masher and it worked just fine.

This is not a recipe I would ever do at shows. It's not my personal style. Too involved. I like to do recipes that I can just slap together. For the same reason I'll never ever demo the potstickers at a show again. I am making them tomorrow, but it's for a sip and dip so they will be mostly done ahead of time.