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I'm so excited!


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Mar 29, 2005
Hey everybody! I am in my seventh month and going in to October, I needed $325 in sales to get the rolling case. It seems like every month, I have around 2-3 shows with turning in @ $1900 in sales every month. I am comfortable with that and I of course would take more shows if they came my way. Well, this month I have 5 kitchen shows and one catalog show! I am so excited to have this many shows in one month. My sales for the month right now are $2410 with only 2 shows and 4 more to go! One of the 2 shows is still open!

I had a show on friday the 7th and we are closing it today. When I left the show I had $1053 in sales and the host has been calling me all week with more orders. She has 45 guests that have placed orders (all on one show :D ) and her sales are at $1461! She thinks she may have 1-2 more people who are wanting to place an order so she may even reach the $1500 mark! This is my second highest show so I am so excited too! :D

I also had a show on Wednesday for my aunt and right now her sales are at $1060.19! This is after every family member is "PC'd out" and she still has this much in sales! She's not closing her show out until next wednesday so I'm thinking she'll at least get to the $1200 mark. I've set that goal for her so she's trying hard to reach it! She even had $511 in outside orders before I even got there!

I still have a show tomorrow, the 18th and the 26th. I am also doing a local fair for a weekend (the 22nd & 23rd) so I'm hoping to generate some bookings and sales to get my name out there!

I am also right now, only $2200 away from my $15,000 in career sales so I will be getting a raise soon!! :D That's what I am looking forward to right now! I'm sorry to be on my high horse but I just wanted to share!


Aug 5, 2005

I am so, so happy for you!
When I hear great uplifting stories like yours, it makes me want to try even harder to accomplish my Pampered Chef goals.
You must feel like your on cloud 9 :p
Congratulations on some AWESOME! shows and for being so close to your $15,000 in career sales.

Stories like yours are such great motivators, Thank You!

Autumn Cercone
Kitchen Consultant for
The Pampered Chef
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