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Pampered Chef: Personal I'm So Excited! (Nothing to do with PC)

  1. raebates

    raebates Legend Member Staff Member

    I got the call this morning that the books are done. Some of you might remember that I was helping my pastor write a book about what God taught him through his experience with Acute Myeloid Leukemia.

    It's been a long process. Tom was diagnosed in November 2005. We started work on the book in the spring of 2006. (He is cancer-free and feeling better than he has in years.) I filled several roles. First, I transcribed Tom's tapes. He told his story, then I translated that to written grammar and put it on paper. Next, I compiled manuscripts so we could have about 20 people read through and help us make sure it was (1) accurate and (2) easy to read. I then sorted through the suggestions and prepared a revised manuscript. At that point Tom's brother (a retired editor) did a great job editing the manuscript. My final assignment was finding a printer and walking with Tom through that process.

    Tom plans to give a copy to each household on Easter Sunday. He's excited about that. His purpose in doing the book was simply to share his story. He regularly counsels cancer patients. He will give his book (free of charge) to any of those patients (or their families) who would like to read it.

    Another neat part of the story is that his brother is reworking the book a bit and planning to shop it to a few of his publishing contacts. He thinks there might be a place for it in a niche market.

    Can you tell I'm excited?
    Apr 10, 2009
  2. candiejayne

    candiejayne Veteran Member

    Great news!!! What a great way to spend Good Friday!
    Apr 10, 2009
  3. Ginger428

    Ginger428 Legacy Member Gold Member

    That is WONDERFUL News!! I'm SO happy for you....:D
    Apr 10, 2009
  4. twinchefs

    twinchefs Advanced Member Gold Member

    Congrats Rae, Its so nice to see something you worked so hard on be completed.
    Apr 10, 2009
  5. rennea

    rennea Legacy Member Gold Member

    Go Rae that is so wonderful!!
    Apr 10, 2009
  6. raebates

    raebates Legend Member Staff Member

    Thanks. I knew my Cheffer friends would understand my excitement.
    Apr 10, 2009
  7. chefkristin

    chefkristin Senior Member Gold Member

    That is awesome Rae!!! Have a great Easter!!!:thumbup::thumbup:
    Apr 10, 2009

    MORFIA Advanced Member Gold Member

    congrats--what nice timing:)
    Apr 10, 2009
  9. pampered1224

    pampered1224 Legacy Member Silver Member

    That is so awesome Rae!
    Personally, I think any book like that would be a wonderful gift to anyone who has travelled that road, be it patient or "watcher".
    Courage is a hard thing to find in any circumstance. And so much harder when there is a battle. That book may be just what it takes for someone else to fight! It apparently worked for him! God granted him that gift by taking away his cancer. It takes someone special to do that for others while they themselves are suffering physically. Luckily he was NOT suffering spiritually! He saw what God wanted of him and with your help, put it into words. Words of strength to boot!
    Apr 10, 2009
  10. raebates

    raebates Legend Member Staff Member

    Thanks. Tom had a gathering of family before he went to the hospital. He had 3 prayers. First, and least important, was that he be healed. The second was that he be able to handle the pain without too much fear. Last, but most important was that he be able to maintain his witness during his illness.

    His plan for Sunday is to give one copy to each household on the condition that once they read it they pass it on to someone with cancer.
    Apr 10, 2009
  11. BlessedWifeMommy

    BlessedWifeMommy Veteran Member

    How exciting. I'm sure it feels great to see all you hard work come together. God is so good to us, in so many ways!
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