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I'm in the US&G Club!!!


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Jun 27, 2005
Well ladies I have officially joined the club. I didn't want to, but I guess it happens. I took a big chunk of my thumb off while slicing potatoes for dinner. I was using the guard, but like a numbnut was bracing it with my thumb off the back slightly because I always seem to be nicking the guardrails. At least I didn't do it at a show. I am afraid to after this. Husband had to superglue it because it wouldn't stop. :D

Pampered Zoe

Sep 30, 2005
Oh My Goodness!

Good thing your husband was around... I always seem to do the worst damage when no one is around to help out! LOL! How is the thumb now? I am terrifed to sell the US&G... my hubby made a joke about making people sign a waiver-- I told him I wasn't worried about being sued, I was worried about really bad injuries! :eek:

I'm always nicking the guards, too. It scares me cause that plastic is not exactly light-weight. At least we know it will slice through the veggies cleanly every time! ;)

Good luck,


Sep 26, 2005
Husband Hates the Ultimate Slice & Grate

I had one years ago. However, it was not from PC. My husband would leave the room everytime I would use it. It terrified him. He was waiting for me to cut a finger off. I finally sold it off on Ebay just to get rid of it. I never hurt myself with it, but as we hear, it does happen.

Tricia Ann :eek:


Sep 24, 2005

I sliced my finger ON THE WAY TO A SHOW! because one of the blades fell out a little bit as I was packing my tote! I was running late (again) and ran into the bathroom to find a bandaid, and didn'trealize I had spilled blood all over the wall in the hallway-my husband was a little concerned to find that when he came home. :eek: Even Worse-It bled through the band aid in the middle of the demo!!!! I had to ask the host for a new one!! Thankfully I was wearig gloves and I sold TWO that night, despite my honesty about how I cut my finger-go figure!
Any one have tips on that thing? I like it for tomatoes and cukes and cheese, butwhat else?


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Nov 24, 2004
Pickles, potatoes, squash, carrots, onions, radishes, you name it.

When you want to do the radishes, do three at a time by attaching to each prong individually. We buy the whole dill pickles (snack bar at concession stand type) and like to slice them really thin for burgers and such. Much cheaper than buying dill slices and whole. The kids get their big pickles for lunches and such and we can still use slices when we need. Also, one less jar to take up room in the fridge! (another selling point besides simply how sharp it is)


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Jul 14, 2005
It happens to the best

My cousin is a consultant in MN. One of her customers, who happens to be her best friend, cut herself on her US&G and went to the ER. When the nurse was checking her out and asking how she did it, she said "Oh, on this new kitchen tool I got from Pampered Chef." The nurse says "Yeah, you really should use the guard with the Ultimate Slice and Grate -- I'm a Pampered Chef Consultant !!"
Now how embarrassing is THAT ?!? LOL !


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Feb 5, 2005
Hey, I didn't know there was a club!!! : } Guess I'm In Too!

2 weeks ago I sliced my thumb on the US&G. My husband had to call my parents over to watch the kids :rolleyes: so he could take me to the ER. The Dr.'s looked at it and said they'd feel more comfortable if a Plasic Surg. Looked at it :confused. Well....15 stiches later.. :eek: ..it didn't take. I have to go back to the Dr. cuz the skin flap didn't attach. People do ask if I get worker's Comp. though. yeah right! That thing sat on the kitchen sink for days nobody wanted to touch it. I agree though that the edges or goove slides are not designed properly. My gaurd is chewed up cuz I can't keep it straight on the slides. Stay safe everyone!! It's comforting to share war stories :p


Sep 27, 2005
I had a bridal shower on Sunday and the bride sliced her finger open on the plastic teeth that grip the bowl! Not even on a blade. I have yet to actually cut my self but I have sliced a chunk out of one of my finger nails and have chewed up the little tracks on the guard. At shows I am careful to cut a large enough piece to show how the guard telescopes but a small enough piece that I can easily keep it on the track when I am slicing.