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Pampered Chef: I'm in super starter Month two and have a possible recruit.

  1. PamG

    PamG Novice Member

    Hi I'm in SS#2 and have a possible recruit who will probably sign on in January. I wasn't wanting to recruit and it has kind of fallen into my lap.
    Bottom line I have a few questions. I'm trying my best to get my information

    What is in a Quick Start Super Starter Kit? <not sure of exact name I just know I've read about it.>

    If someone signs on January 4th is their first full month Feb.???

    New recruits what happens if they do not hold the four qualifying parties?
    Also do the qualifying parties need to be over three months or in within a month. I know we want them to be in a month for financial reasons.
    My director told me they don't come after you if you do not fill your

    If I host her first party for her she gets the parties, and hostess benefits right? Then I get the commission. Is this the best way for a new consultant to kick off? I did it all on my own the first time and it was a lot of work.

    Any tips for those who have recruited and things you wish you knew before you started that you learned after you did it?

    Dec 22, 2005
  2. pamperedbecky

    pamperedbecky Legacy Member

    Wow, Pam, that's great! Even if it's not something you were originally interested in doing, it'll be a GREAT experience for you. And since you're relatively new too, you'll be finding out things as you're helping her get started that will help your business too!

    The "Quick Start" kit is just the paperwork portion of the kit. Directors only can get a hold of these, but if your director might have one and she's close by, it's a GREAT way to get an excited recruit started. I know I was happy to get that from my director when I started. Then when she does her online agreement, she would put that she already received the Quick Start paperwork box. If she doesn't get one, then everything will come together after she orders the kit.

    When she does the online agreement, she gets to choose what she wants as her first Super STarter Month. It actually can be for longer than a month. So if she signs in January she would get to choose February OR March I believe (they may not offer March as an option though that early in January). But, if she chooses March, the kit won't ship out to her until February 1st. I'd encourage her to pick February because they'll ship her kit out right away. Then actually shows held in January AND February count toward her first month. They are such great specials too for hosts! Have her line up her first 4-6 kitchen shows because it'll ask her for her first 6 show dates when she does the agreement. Even if the dates change, that's ok, but I truly believe those who get off to the strongest starts already have the first six shows lined up. Catalog shows count as well, so have her start asking around (even out of town friends and family).

    She does not have to qualify within the first three months. Obviously that builds a better foundation for your business. Especially if she's able to do it in the first month. There's no penalty for not qualifying in the Super Starter Period, but she won't earn any of the SS bonuses or any other incentives that might be announced in January (there have been nice incentives announced in the past).

    In terms of things I wish I knew back when I started and recruited my first consultant....well, truly I wish I started focusing on recruiting earlier. I was just like you - that was NEVER my intention. But then I came to see how valuable this whole experience has been for me and I love sharing it with others. I now really feel that if I DON'T share the opportunity with others some way or another, then I'm doing them a disservice. I think about what would have happened if my director didn't share the consultant opportunity info with me and my life would be TOTALLY different. And not in a good way. :) So, even though this isn't something you're really interested in, just run with it! You may enjoy this aspect to being a consultant and you'll REALLY be on the road to success!

    My very first consultant I recruited was really a "kit napper" and no intention of doing much with the business. She never qualified. I look back on that now and recognize that because I didn't know that when she signed. I don't think PC ever came after her for the kit, but they very well could because that is outlined in the consultant agreement. She basically is signing into an agreement to try it for at least four shows.

    I would coach her best you can and if there is something you don't know, just ask your recruiter/director. It's a great learning experience for both of you! I would tell her that the training info she'll get in the starter kit is such valuable information. Have her read Recipe for Success a couple times. Definitely have her do the list of 100. That'll be a valuable tool for her for years. I still go back and look at mine. Obviously she's enthusiastic so I would think she'd try to absorb as much info as possible from that training stuff. Then offer to answer whatever questions she has. As she goes through her kit, encourage her to write down questions as they come up, then offer to meet with her to organize things and answer questions.

    Wow, sorry this is so long. How exciting for you!! Good luck with your first recruit. There's bound to be some recruiting incentives for US come the new year (I'm hoping!) so you'll get to benefit too! :)
    Last edited: Dec 22, 2005
    Dec 22, 2005
  3. friday

    friday Guest

    First off, get your director/recruiter involved, since you are fairly new to PC yourself, you may find it more comfortable for you if you have some help. And you can ask questions here too if you run into things you can't answer. There are a lot of people with a lot of experience here.

    If a recruit takes 4 days or 4 months to get her qualifying shows in, it doesnt matter. I have consultants on my team who have done it quick, and some who have taken a lot longer. They won't earn their Superstarters, but sometimes thats ok for everyone involved.

    I usually do "intro" shows with new consultants myself. It is totally up to you how you submit the show. If the new consultant needs the value toward the purchase of her kit, then you would get the commission, give her all the host benefits, and all the bookings. If she isn't concerned with that, I have the agreement sent in and the kit on the way, and I use the ENTIRE show as a training. I host coach her exactly properly so she can see exactly how it is done. I have the new consultant do the entire show with me by my side. We enter and submit the show in Pampered Partner together as soon as her kit arrives as a training on how to use the software. This way is much more time consuming initially, but in the long run, someone trained this way is more comfortable, and will call me less with problems as she gets started.

    Congratulations on your first recruit lead! How exciting!

    Dec 22, 2005
  4. fruit76loop

    fruit76loop Veteran Member Gold Member

    Ask your director

    When my team members recruit, I do the training for them for the first 2 recruits with them participating. I then help them to train the next 2 and by the 5th they are usually ready to take the reins themselves. I have had some team members that want to train their own people which is fine. I have found that it is best if I at least take part in that training to make sure the basics are covered!

    Way to go!! :)
    Dec 22, 2005
  5. PamG

    PamG Novice Member

    Thank you all for the tips.

    Becky & Alison,

    Wow.... great replies. I so appreciate the information and encouragement.
    I have been reading and asking questions all along but getting all the new information concreted into my brain is taking a little bit. I know I read something but then finding it again in the manual gets tedious. Then I'm a little unsure of some of the answers.

    I was trying to wait until after Christmas to call my director.
    I already delivered a brochure and catalog to my recruit opportunity.
    She is going to come to a training meeting in Jan. I'm thinking though
    she should sign up in early January and we should do a kick off party
    for her in January. That way she will have parties in Feb.

    I heard a gal at the team meeting say she just wanted the kit and has been
    selling Pampered Chef for a couple years now. I think that might be many peoples idea to start with.

    I'm sort of excited. I was called and sold it without even meaning to. That is what I love about their items. I love them and they sell themselves.

    I will hold in mind everything you both said. Thank you for taking the time
    to share your knowledge and experiences.

    Dec 22, 2005
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