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I'm doing a fair next month (and one in October) and am interested to

Jun 12, 2005
I'm doing a fair next month (and one in October) and am interested to know, how many booking and recruiting leads you really get from them. Anyone you does/has done fairs before, please tell me how it went! Thanks! ;)


Jul 6, 2005
Ive have done a few

the first one i did was a church fair , i got $185.00 in orders, no bookings,no recruits. I gave out a ton of catalogs and still nothing ever came of it ! The second one i did was a huge flop ! Nothing at all !!! The last one i just did was Great 3 bookings , $178.00 in orders ! So i guess it all depends on who is going through the fairs !


The fair that I do is coming up in September. It is a county fair and I have a booth that I sit at from about 5 p.m. to 9 p.m. every evening.. then Saturday all day. In the 4 yrs I have done it, I have had real success. 3 out of 4 have been $1000 plus shows. My highest was $1800 I believe it was because I paid the S&H and tax. Yes, it was alot of money out of my pocket...but I get ALOT of bookings there plus ALOT of leads. I leave my drawing slips out even when I am not there and I couldnt begin to tell you how many people go through and fill them out. Some just put their name and phone number cause they are out to win a prize. Some come by and tell me they are not filling one out cause they would just get called and bugged (I assure them that if they dont put they are interested in having a show that I am not going to call them). This year I am doing the drawing slip that they need to fill it out completely to be eligible for the drawing. A couple of times I have had a drawing at the end of the week for a bigger prize and a couple of times I have had a daily drawing. Both have worked fine. Something else I have also done in the past to generate great turnouts is... "If you have a $400 between September 1st through Nov 30...your name will go into a drawing for the Generations II Cookware Set." Talk about excited people! After the fair is over...I have to recoop for a couple days then I start my calls. One thing I have found out though...some people dont have a clue what you are calling about...sometimes they just fill out the slip in a hurry or just so they can win so when you call them...you kinda feel like a ditz, when they didnt know what you were saying. I even had a person say, "I wasnt even at the fair", so I guess a friend or enemy signed them up. But all in all...I love doing it and look forward to it every year! GOOD LUCK!!


Jan 31, 2005
Give it a try!

My recruiter did a few fairs and she had mixed things to say. I think it all depends on the crowd of people who happen to be there - just like shows. I can't ever determine how much a show will bring in. But I'd say it's worth a try and couldn't hurt!! ;) Good luck!!


May 25, 2005

I've done 3 of them. Ist one got 3 bookings. 2nd one I got a catalog show. 3rd I got a booking and an order for $25. I don't hand out catalogs. The response is not worth the expense. If they really want one I have them fill out a door prize drawing slip and will send one. That way I can call back and urge them to have a show or at least order. When my business was about to die those three bookings really helped to get me going again. I'd say it is totally worth it to go. you never know.